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for anyone who wishes to understand and be understood by their dog read "ON TALKING TERMS WITH DOGS CALMING SIGNALS" by Turid Rugaas  

My wife and I are stunned at the impact this has had on our dogs and us, and simply cannot believe this has not been studied or made known till recent times. Absolutely incredible, it has changed forever how we communicate with our dogs.It is a language every dog world wide is born with and understands.

We were able to calm our IS, who was getting quite aggitated at a show, with a simple turn of the head and yawn, he completely relaxed and sat down calm in seconds.   

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Just ordered it.
wonderful !!! it's so fascinating I'm thrilled that your getting something from the book

Hi Gang,

I love  Turid Rugaas she is such a calm person herself must have spent so many hours learning the lanuage of dogs.

I watched young Memphis on Sat. with an unknown collie that was showing signs of aggression near food as in pricked ears, tail up high, staring gaze etc, Memphis stopped licked his lips turned his head away and slowly cuved his body and walked slowly off, the other dog you could see he realised Memphis was not a threat relaxed. Truly the dogs really do well when left alone to talk their own language in most cases. I was keeping a close eye on him all the same, well worth the money to get her book and DVD.


Hi Peter,

Thank you for mentioning the book. I just got my copy and inddeed it makes fascinating reading. I love the simple turn of the head signal. I now realise that my first Irish ( 30 years ago) was a master at it. He handled every situation with such calm and poise! Thanks again for the post!

hi Catherine i'm very glad your getting something out of the book it's so very intriguing
hi Rosie i'm enthralled by the whole thing it's added a new dimention to training, I've just completed a training course from my sister  and it's so interesting watching the puppies trying to get their owners to understand. it's like buying a yellow car then all of a sudden you see all the other yellow cars, that have always been there, it's just your focus wasn't aware
Sounds like I ought to get this book, you all seem very impressed by it!

This really is an excellent book and I can certainly recommend it. The book is well known in trainer circles and does a great deal in helping people to understand their dogs. But just as Ossian says, it is one of many helpful 'tools' (can't think of a better word) that are used in dog training and problem assessment.

For a while in Switzerland at least, it was considered the 'One and All' and you'd see people licking their lips at their dogs, or Yawning...  just when he's munched a biscuit and was licking HIS lips or had just got up from a nap ... not every signal is a 'calming signal'... the behaviour has to be looked at within the whole context. The word 'calming signal' tends to give is too much of a anthropomorphic view of the dog. I think 'canine communication signals' would be better. 

Finally: Dogs can read us far better than we can read them - makes me wonder who said humans were more intelligent...;-))

I have not read this book Peter, but have heard it's very good.  My daughter has a very timid greyhound & she read this book a few years ago & loved it too.  Hopefully she still has it as it does sound like a great read. 




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