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This is not strictly Setter business but doggie related nonetheless:

I was wondering whether anybody has been to Cornwall on a dog holiday and can offer advice? My husband is a teacher and we want to travel with friends who have school-aged kids so unfortunately we have to go in the summer holidays. I've just had a look at the prices for 6-bed cottages in high season and almost choked (£2-3K?!).... Can anyone recommend places, websites etc that offer dog-friendly accommodation which Jo Average may be able to afford?

Also which areas would you recommend as best for dogs. I've spent a couple of Easters in the Polzeath / Port Isaac area but that was some 12 years ago and before I had the boys. Obviously my friend wants to stay in St Yves (yeah, dream on girl). Any advice very much appreciated.

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Hi, I have never taken my dogs to Cornwall but we have all English cottage holidays because of Abbie. I have found "Cottages 4 you" good but they do have an extra charge for dogs, not all companys do. Sorry I cannt help any more than this, but I wish you a very happy holiday <:0)

We stayed in a cottage in sennan cove overlooking the beach, there is a dog friendly beach about 10 min walk away. Booked through cottages 4 you. Place took 3 dogs, and Merlin had a great time. Alternatives with great dog friendly beaches and cheaper is north east, Banborough area, had great cottages up there from same company

Hi !!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a coincidence, we are going next week, from the 18th to tue 22th. Since we stay just 5 nights, and also once there we wish to see bit more than one place, no cottages work for us.. Our plan is: first night Lizard Peninsula ( cadgwith cove inn), then 3 nights in Rosario guesthouse marazion (to see lands end and mount st michael), then one fabolous night in Tintagel to see the north windy coast and King Arthur (i am saying fabolous since we plan to stay at Camelot Castle ;) ) 

i dont think these options are cheaper than cottages  if traveling with kids, but maybe you want to see if guesthouses offer family size rooms, as another option?

i think there are plenty of maps on line with dog friendly beaches and they seem to the spread all around (of course we need to avoid the blue flag touristic places in high season, and opt for less crowded off track coves, but probably we would have done this anyway, even without Oberon;)


here you also have a printable pdf with the maps of dog friendly beaches. I think there are just few errors, so please check beach by beach by opening them in the web page and dont rely on the dog in the main figure only,

they also differentiate between beaches in which dogs are unleaded and those in which they are allowed but on lead, which is handy :)
I hope you find something and have a nice trip :) cheers

Sylvia - hope you enjoy Tintagel! I love North Cornwall. Thanks also for the link - I think there are a number of maps about but I find them all equally confusing. Do tell me all about your adventures when you return.

Hi, you would not go wrong with the accommodation in the attached link. Its 10 mins outside of St Ives. the owners love dogs and we have taken four in the past. The beach you can see is  Porthkidney beach it is glorious lovely sand and clear water. Its not so easily accessible with parking for just about 10 cars so few people on the beach. Dogs allowed all year round on the beach. We go every year. enjoy.


Julie - I like the idea of going places that have been tried and tested by other dog owners. The view onto Porthkidney beach is to die for! And with it being close to St Yves it's definitely one we will look into further. Many thanks for sharing it.



We have also used cottages 4 u. Although it was when staying in Ireland but it was cheaper than any of the alternatives which we looked up,.

Many thanks for all your suggestions! Cottages4You seems to have got the thumbs up. My friend and her family are holidaying in France (Germans - they just have too much money) but we'll be meeting up in August and start researching Cornwall for next year. I'll let you know how we get on.



Lease Cottage  Bodmin Moor - see http://www.tregew.freeserve.co.uk/index.htm

It may be too small for all of you. Owned by a lovely Setter lady jenny Penna. She may know of nearby places for the overflow




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