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Can anyone recommend a Vacuum Cleaner that's good for Irish Setter Hair? Particularly one that's fairly easy to lift for stairs etc. Mine's on it's last legs.

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Yes, Miele for us, too!


Thanks for bringing up this topic Rosemary which I'd been meaning to ask for ages! My other half gets a hissy fit every time he has to swing our Henry round....    :)

Question is: the Dyson and the Bissell both look like right whoppers. Are they easy to lift up the stairs?

The Bissell Lift Off has a centre section that .  .  .   well .  .  .  you know .  .  .   can be detached so you end up with a lightweight cylinder containing the cyclone bit and dust collector and a long hose that has optional tube and attachments on the end. About 2ft long and 6 inch diameter with a handle and I think a removable (and lose-able) shoulder strap.

I only use the Dyson in the studio and that's single storey. And the Henry in the shed / workshop. We have more vacuum cleaners here than brooms!

We have a Panasonic 1900 upright excellent for dog hairs on carpets and a Vax cylinder 2000 power force for the stairs and hardfloors. No complaints with either and running a bed and breakfast they're both in constant use. Hope it helps
Thanks for suggestions. I envy your arsenal of hoovering equipment. I live in a small house with cupboard sized rooms. Also I really only have space for one hoover under the stairs but need to heave the thing upstairs several times a week. I imagine an upright to be more cumbersome than a cylinder so really it wouldn't be the best option for us. 
I have had a miele Vac that has an attachment for pets I have had it six years and it is still as good as it was when I bought it. Sandy :-)

Thanks everyone. Have finally plumped for the Dyson animal 27 - good deal at Comet. Can only say that having had an old dyson for many years, in my initial enthusiasm for a new toy went all round the house on thursday and totally embarrased to say I had to empty the tube thingy twice!! Hopefully that says more about the efficiency of the new cleaner than the appauling standards of the old cleaner (me not the machine)!!

Both the Dyson and the Miele have been good for me BUT I also have a Dyson washing machine and it is terrible for getting dog hair stuck in the waste pipe and at £100+ per call out I am looking to get a different make!!!! Any suggestions please???

I have 5 big dogs and have struggled for years with all the dog hair. What I've learned is

1) Have hard floors wherever possible; much easier and cleaner than carpet imo

2) Brush my dogs; every hair on that brush is one less on the floor.

3) Have dog gates so I can confine them when wet/dirty/sandy or even keep one room for visitors/kids dog free.

4) Hoover every day (can't get away with twice a week like I used to before dogs!)

5) Don't let it get me down; they are worth it :-D

I love my Henry for the hard floors downstairs because he never blocks up and a normal Dyson upstairs on the carpets does ok. Best way to get dog hair off carpeted stairs if it's bad is use a Croc! The rubber type shoe material rolls it up into strings you can pick up lol.

Dyson Animal DC39...  Where have you been all my life?!

If anyone is still contemplating a new hoover there are curently "deals" to be had at Argos.


Although beware that prices change from day to day and appear to have already gone up since I bought ours a week ago....

I notice a lot of people plump for Dysons - we've had 2 now.  The first one didn't last very long, but we thought we were just unlucky, but our 2nd is going the same way, and I understand from other people we're not alone.

It was brilliant to begin with, but lost suction over a couple of years.  Now it only has proper suction if it's held almost upright - so I'm too short to use it.  The other half can still use it though, so not all bad.

We have had the same experience with a dyson. Brilliant to start with but just lost suction and it was not that old. We now have a Wertheim with a motorised head. Reasonable service charge and I can drop it off to a retail outlet just 5 mins away. Dyson only had 1 place in Victoria that you had to send it too. Love this brand so far.




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