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I know others have wrote of dog theft in their country's and I'm aware there have been allegations made of dogs been stollen for many reasons here in Australia!
Last night we recieved an email from our local (small country community stating dogs are been targeted in the near by town! (Shocked!!!) My question is....some think it's a hoax, others say we better believe it....it's going on! Very sad and worrying. Our dogs are all locked in when out or most times I'm out with them and they follow me back in. What are your views? Is it all true? I'm home most of the time and work on the farm nextdoor on a casual basis, I won't deny I'm bothered and distressed by it all, as I've read what sometimes happens to the dogs. Please find a couple of minutes to tell me what you all think please, I need some reassurance.... Or advice!!! These people are parasites!!! Take care Dianne & furbabies x

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I cannot understand his dog theft some say it happens here in Sydney I would not know what to do if it happened to me. Molly home soon because of the fencing here we will make arrangements here if I have to go out
Take. Care all going to the UK soon

i have been away and just noticed your post. What the hell is going on down your way... have they not better things to do. It must be a worry for you just look over your shoulder so to speak and be aware. Take care hope all your darlings are ok. Molly is at kennels in Terrigal while we look for another property to live. I miss her very much. Hopefully it will end soon. We are staying in a hotel. 

All extremely worrying Eunice! There have been incidents all over Australia of dog thefts of some kind or another. I honestly thought that where we are would be no issue, goes to show I shouldn't of been complacent. Went away to our place at the beach for a few days, nice to only have 1/4 acre around me again than 100's, one can feel more vulranable when there's no neighbors home or close by!! Thank you for your concern, really appreciate it. Sadly I have wrapped my furbabies up a wee bit, people aparently are putting meat with ACP to drug them before coming back to get them. No idea what to believe!!!! Hugs to your Molly on holidays and wish you well with finding a new home. Meanwhile enjoy been waited on in a hotel!! X
I have not heard of anything but I can be complacent myself. Molly is having a great time at least she is safe keep me posted

Dianne, Thank you for your thoughts. It was a horrible experience. Now it is second nature to follow my dogs around wherever they go. As long as they are in the house, I don't worry. The hard part is always staying outside with them. Although, I wouldn't let them into the back yard without watching them; sometimes I think, I could be doing something else right now. But, then the thought of never seeing them again comes to mind; and I stay right there, and wait until they are tired and ready to go inside.

It is really sad, that there are people in this world, that would take another persons dog. At least we are aware, and do our best to protect them from unscrupulous people.

No exactly how you feel Mike and I too take them out with me....lucky I'm a keen gardener lol. An absolute shame to have to be careful like this. I'm reading Merle's Door at the moment and the freedom Merle has, is a thing of the past I think .......much like children. Quite sad, never thought it could come to this quite frankly. Take care Mike and enjoy your furkids.

Your not complacent nor myself Eunice......just too trusting. :o( and so true your Molly is I'm a safe place. X

Hi Dianne,

When I saw this, I thought of you! Maybe post it on your door! Haha


I like that Mike (",)

Hi Ellen, Thank you. If I saw that sign, I know I would re-consider!  :-)  Mike

Excellent sign

Hi Eunice, You may be able to print it. (?) Mike

Yes when printer connected will do Molly home soon YAY




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