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I had an awful experience today.I had walked the dogs in the park at lunch time and was on my way out when Ellie suddenly called out in pain.Some b*****d had set a wire trap.It was heavy springy wire about 4feet long and had been shaped like a giant safety pin.It had shot into her chest.I thought it had gone through her chest wall ,I tried to break the wire but couldn't it was too strong . I straightened it but I didn't dare pull it.Then I examined her and realised she wasn't bleeding and it had gone through her fur sort of sideways rather than end on.Her fur,luckily ,is thick but I couldn't get the wire free as it had tangled in her fur and was well and truly stuck.It was lucky because Joan was going to trim her chest yesterday but didn't get round to doing it. There was no one in the park so I managed to walk her to a house over the road but they were out.I decided to 'phone Joan and told her to bring pliers and scissors then a van stopped and a man asked if he could help.Luckily he had a large pair of scissors and I cut the fur away.Joan arrived then and we were both in a state of shock.Ellie was as good as gold but shaking all over.It could have been a child that had been caught or an adult but it was my poor Ellie.

I have reported it.
We are all ok now.

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Thank you,I have just had the Dog Warden call and he is taking it very seriously.Makes a change!

I am so glad your dog was not hurt,  speaking as an ex Dog Warden,,I and I m sure others would be extremely concerned .

I would be contacting  Police.local wildlife officer, park management,rangers and wardens  and patrolling to make sure no other traps are about,


Also alerting the press to ensure owners  of  dogs/cats  are aware and  no other animal  is put through this .

A really bad experience for you and your poor Ellie hope it don't leave a lasting affect on Ellie my Shannon was hit by a wee boy on a bike in the park so now she is so afraid of them .
That must have been a terrible experience for you and Ellie! I'm just glad to hear she's ok!
How awful for you all...poor Ellie. How mindless can people be? Thank goodness there were no major injuries and I hope Ellie gets over the shock and enjoys her future walks with no ill effects.

Hi Howard,

the thought of traps of any sort makes me feel sick. thank god she is not hurt.

cheers Rosie

How awful for you and Ellie and very pleased she is alright. What sort of people do these.things?

Thank you all for your kind words.

The Dog Warden has just 'phoned me and said he has thoroughly inspected the park.He must have done because under the leaves he found pieces of wood with nails knocked through.They were placed under the leaves with the nails uppermost.Obviously someone has got a vendetta against dogs.The park is going to be checked very frequently and the Police will be involved.

The problem is this could happen anywhere and I'd never know.It makes dog walking ,for me,hazardous.

As Lois remarked:"What sort of people do these things?"

Howard so glad Ellie is okay,  What a terrible , scarey thing to happen.  I hope they quickly find the person ( hate to use word person for monster) who placed the trap there so your IS and the other dogs are able to safely walk freely again. Keep us posted on how things are going,
Howard, words fail me.  I cannot understand what motivates these people at all.  I understand you might not be a dog person and I don't actually have a problem with that, but to intentionally set out to harm another living animal is dispicable.  Just awful.

I do not understand at all and never will but things get worse than what happened to Ellie.

There is a park in Kettering ,where I live,called Wicksteed Park.It is a theme park and a place that children enjoy.One of the attractions are the parrots it keeps.On Wednesday night someone got into the park and managed to entice the parrots to the bars of the cage.This wicked person or persons then cut off the feet of two of the parrots.The keeper found them still alive yesterday morning.They had to be destroyed.This has sickened me and I found it hard to believe until I had an email from the Police appealing for witnesses or any information.Sometimes I feel there is no hope.

How utterly, utterly awful and barbaric.  I cannot comprehend such acts at all, and the distress those Parrots must have been in breaks my heart.  I recall an incident a few years ago where some teenagers broke into Whipsnade Zoo and beat a Wallaby to death.  It is completely sickening and blows my mind that it would even occur to some people to do it. 

I had a many a childhood trip to Wicksteed Park as I am a Leicester lass so you have given me a right blast from the past there.




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