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I noticed that the escalating discussion 'What is happening on ES' has been deleted. I don't know what this means exactly but I sincerely hope that this site will continue to exist and that we will continue to share all things Setters via this network. It's a fantastic resource for newbies and experienced Setter folk alike and should be treated with respect.

Anyway on a more positive note people might be pleased to hear that numbers for English Setters are on the up....


Why the handsome Otterhound and Skye Terriers are close to extinction escapes me though...


There is also some new research on the domestication of the dog



for anyone who is interested....


Happy reading.


Best, Catherine

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Interesting reading Catherine. Thankyou for posting these links :-)

I was thrilled to see that my beloved English Setters are on the increase...took me over 2 years of waiting to get my hands on my new puppy!

That was interesting and good news for a change,

Some one,when I was out walking today,said they had heard that Irish Setters were at risk from depleted numbers but I have seen nothing official and can't quite believe it's true.

According to another person passing by my two are red retrievers! Huh!

Have you met any Red Retrievers Howard or are you still looking? Also interesting to note that Old English are on the increase

That's really very interesting. Thank you for putting up these links. Like you I cannot understand why the Otterhound is so close to extinction...I've had a hankering in that direction for years, but every time a new member of the family is considered its always our 1st love the Irish that wins out.

Thank you for posting the above links.It is most informative and I have kept these in my archives for future reference.

To answer your question. What it means exactly, is that the member in question who started the discussion was made to disappear by the administrator following anonymous complaints from anonymous members. Therefore the discussion that the member started disappeared as well!  Hope this explains.

Thanks for the explanation James. It's just that another discussion I followed recently has also suddenly disappeared. It was friendly so there was no obvious reason for it to vanish. Oh well, stranger things have happened.

I'm glad people found the links useful. The Sussex Spaniel is suddenly all over the local press!  :) 

I thought the articles which highlighted that dog domestication went hand-in-hand with adaptation to a starch-rich diet where particularly interesting in the light of the discussions re. allergies and feeding regimes (i.e. the eternal BARF vs processed/dry food debate).

I agree it was interesting and thought provoking if you consider the view of the evolution of the dog from wolves. Science can be a wonderful thing in helping us try to understand the world we live in:)




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