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Hi all!


I think I need some advise now. At some point it looked to me that several people in UK are enthustiastic about Royal Canin, and I have been recommended this food (maxi junior at moment) from all vets, friends, trainers I met, including the breeders of Oberon but not only, also a few great other breeders. So I stick on it and Oberon loves it! (he's a great and enthusiastic eater actually ;)


Browsing around I found  this link as a reply to one of the Cristine discussion www.dogfoodanalysis.com and actually, if you have a look,  here this product is not recommended at all (and you see the point..) !


On the other hand, most of the products that are considered "5-6 stars" on that link are either:  


- very high in protein, typically 35-40%  (well, because of the no grain issue - but I knew that for a puppy 6months old a very high protein content can lead to a too fast growth, so joints do not have the time to  adjust)


- or they contains fat or other ingredients and their review contains a caveat that they can led to bloat, so they are not suggested for large breeds


On the top, royal canin seems to produce just 1 food (per breed/age or type of dog), while this web site suggests to rotate different flavours (fish. chicken, etc) over the months


I am confused now.. basically, if I understand correctly, we should be looking for a food with a) not too much proteins because of the small age, b) but with less grain, c) with a good selection of flavours so we can rotate and b) free of too much fat or additives that are supposed to increase the bloat probability..


ARGH :) Cristine seems to have a strong experience in food research: maybe you or somebody else went through similar troubles and can help with this? We like to feed Oberon with dry food only (meat occasionally during the week) but which one is the best for his needs in your experience?







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I agree totally. Our vet stocks Science Diet pet foods, which I personally find quite unimpressive. I give credit to my vet for never actually suggesting that I use the food ... it is there sort of as a convenience to patrons but they do nothing to actively "sell" it other than the implied endorsement.
Hi Silvia .. glad to hear that Oberon like all of his siblings is still doing well and eating heartily .. just to let you know that I have been feeding Rowan and Holly on RC maxi junior for about 2 months now and they are thriving .. no problems with health or behaviour .. .
Thanks to everybody for the comments and inputs ! Laura: this is an interesting and complete reading, thanks for this, but I agree that the fact that it is published by Orijen casts some shadows on his "objectiveness" ( I am a scientist myself, so I tend to be a bit skeptical on research published by private companies.. ;)

On the other hand, I agree with Margaret that without a bit of carbs puppies are too skinny and I believe that the steamed vegetables that Oberon occasionally loves to have (he's actually prying for some peas or a piece of tomato when I do them) can't harm but, in case, just give them a little boost of vitamins.. He also loves a lot his rice with olive oil when he has a bad tummy day (not often)..

Margaret: my vet does not sell RC, I am just saying that this brand is very highly considered and not only by our clinic, but also by lot of professional people I spoke with (even before to have Oberon)... And it is not a matter or price: most of the other high protein foods graded in that web site as "best", as Acana or Orjien, are in the same price band, so my point was more about composition than other..

It was very interesting to see the variety of opinions, and that not everybody is convinced about the high proteins diets ! All being considered, I think we'll stay on RC as longs as O. likes;)

Sue: Oberon is doing very well, and he's a super-enthusiastic eater indeed!

Thanks a lot!!
Best, Silvia
Hello everyone. As some of you know, I have also been looking into better food for Cosmo as he seems likely to have a grain allergy. I had promised on the prior thread to let you know how it's going ... only been 4 days, but since this topic is again being discussed ...

I selected Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon ... it is grainfree, gets a 6 star rating on dogfoodanalysis.com, is available to me locally without having to pay shipping, and now I can add to the list of reasons that Cosmo LOVES it. LOVES it. And so far it is agreeing with him very well ... fewer stools and less evening-time manic hyperactivity. It is still very soon to say anything regarding whether it helps him have fewer yeast infections in his ears, of course. We are very pleased with the switch so far.

Silvia, I do agree with dog food analysis' assessment of royal canin foods ... there are many better ones out there. Good luck finding one that meets your needs ... I know it is a lot of work to sift through all the info!! Gigi
hi Gigi, thanks a lot!! I understand that with the grain allergy you faced you really had to go for something free of them, and it has been a nightmare, I am very very happy you finally found one that is working well :)

I love the Cosmo's pictures, sorry if we are not good in posting pictures, but we had a great time following yours and those very very nice of other people in the blog:)

As for us, Oberon is doing well with RC and he likes it, so I dont see the reason to shift to a more protein based food at least as long as he's a puppy (I know it is controversial, but personally I am not in favour to shift unless, as in your case, there are urgent and good reasons)

So far, the Oberon growing curve is almost exponential for his age, actually he's now going even faster than the typical growing charts i found around so I dont see the reason to boost him even faster.. he's in the age "long legs, no brain":) so I am very happy with his level of activity, playing and eating, but his legs grow faster than his brain, so I am wondering that giving him more proteins may encourage runs and runs without having reached too much coordination in the legs:)

Maybe at some point we may try some more protein rich foods but perhaps a bit later in his life, why not, just for a change and let's see... in particular since those you and others mentioned seem to be very rich in good source of proteins (which in my modest opinion is far more important then the total amount).. In any case, we are planning to integrate RC with raw meat from time to time, which in my limited (>15yr) experience with family dogs works and gives a little more pleasure..(we do that once or so per week depending on the O. level of activity..)

Right now I am reading with interest the Orijen report, and both I and my husband are scientists in Universities.. I do apologize in advance if other bloggers are of a different opinion or work in a different science environvement, but we found a bit difficult to believe that this source of info, although it is a nice and very instructive reading (thanks a lot for it!!), can really be objective;)

the dog food analysis assessment is another story since it seems to be independent. Still, I would source it:)

so far my modest and personal conclusion, after the opinions I sourced around and I read in this blog, is that I think I prefer not to change something that seems to work in the experience of several trusted persons, unless the dog doesnt like it or, of course as in your case, have problems with it , just because of the somewhat low protein/grain percentage, in particular in puppies.... ;)

good luck, and a huge huge kiss to Cosmo! Loved the video with the mailman, cant stop laughing;)

Read this and see what you think! John
Give Your Dog a Bone: The Practical Commonsense Way to Feed Dogs for a Long Healthy Life [Paperback]
Ian Billinghurst (Author)
Thanks John, quite a nice title, I will have a look! Btw: Oberon will love to know that dentists suggest to eat bones :)
Thanks Silvia. I will say that I have had many dogs in my lifetime (so far!) and only two have had grain issues. The others "wolfed" down their aparently lesser quality foods with gusto and seemed perfectly healthy if not wealthy and wise. I do think it is a good idea to avoid wheat and corn if for no other reason than you are paying for an ingredient that just goes straight through and plops on the ground ... waiting to be picked up by you, of course!! It's not that some of these ingredients are despicable and harmful, it's just that they are cheap fillers than enrich the dogfood makers while being fairly useless to the dogs. So it's sort of a matter of principle! But as I always say about folks on this site, every one does the best they can for their dogs and I've never "met" a group of people I thought more highly of then Exclusively Setter people!! :) Oberon's a cutie and looks like he is growing quite nicely!! Enjoy his puppy days! Gigi
Thanks everybody for the lovely comments then!!
Has anyone used Pinkerton's Challenge or know anything about it? Also "Fish For Dogs" and of course Pro Plan Sensitive with Salmon. Would appreciate advice on these. I feed Acana Grassslands but with meat. My dogs are fickle in as much as they go off foods and it is a challenge sometimes finding a good quality selection. I do give cooked linseed and occasionally, when I find they get dry noses, oil such as organic Rapeseed. Some members have queried this in the past so I did a bit of digging and will post on the Forum shortly for your further input.
I used Challenge Salmon and Potato for a few months, the dogs liked it at first, and seemed to be doing well on it, but after about 3 months they seemed to lose interest and were just walking away from their feed bowls. No idea why, it looks like good stuff from the ingredients and my dogs will usually eat anything
Margaret.........I had exactly the same problem with the Callenge plus I found it too strong smelling and too strong in flavour. "Fish for Dogs" also do a Salmon and Potato......anybody know anything about this one. Not quite as strong.
In the "good old days" we all fed meat and wholemeal terrier biscuit to out dogs.........whatever happened to that?




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