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Hello Everyone

I am hoping someone may be able to relieve my worry a little bit. Just to add more stress to our lives, I have discovered that one of Misty's nipples is not only enlarged, it has changed shape. There is no heat in the area. What concerns me is the strange shape of her nipple now. Misty had her 3rd season in April 2014. This change in her nipple has only occurred since then. Misty will be 3 years old on 26 July 2014. This is a photo I took this morning. Unfortunately it is not very clear:

Because I have not been happy with either of the 2 vets I have used since Misty arrived, I have been too frightened to let either of them near her. I meet many dog owners who tell me horrendous stories of "stuff-ups" by vets with desexing. A vet who I had not even met removed a tumour in Hobson's testicles as well as his testicles and his scrotum without my permission. She did not place enough stitches in the wound. I was not happy at all about the surgery. 

Hobson has his next checkup with the University vet next Monday so I have made an appointment for Misty too. I am hoping the reason for the change in the nipple shape is purely hormonal and is not malignant. Misty has never had problems with her seasons but this strange growth is a cause of concern, so depending on what the vet says, I will most likely have Misty desexed. I do not plan to breed from Misty. The only reason Misty has not been desexed is for health reasons. This might have changed now. Susan

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Hi Susan, I think you do well to take Misty with to the clinic right away and check this out by people, who care. I hope it is only hormonal. Best wishes, C & J xxx

Thank you for replying, Cornelia. To be honest I am worried sick. Misty is a precious girl. As you said though, the University veterinary staff are very caring as well as competent. I am praying I receive good news for both Misty and Hobson. My brain is more befuddled than usual at the moment. Sending more hugs to you and Joyful. Susan xxxx

Oh dear.. i am sorry Susan, it seems terrible that this also happened in this moment in which you are already under enormous pressure for Hobson.. I hope it will turn out to be hormonal indeed. Keep us posted and take lot of care of you! (pleased to hear that Hobson has improved  so nicely - but this infection sounds really a bad beast to beat.. i hope they will find the right treatment soon.)

Thank you for your kind words, Silvia. At the latest Misty has an appointment next Tuesday. It might be tomorrow depending on when Hobson's test results come back. Hopefully Misty will be fine and all that might be required is that she is desexed. I do not know how I would have survived the last 3 months without my girl, Misty. Yes, the infection in Hobson's body is a bad beast, but so far, he is improving. Take care, Susan xxxxx

Dear Susan! I am so sorry to read your News about Misty! Thinking of you, Misty and Hobson!!! Take care. B+T xxx

I received the cytology result today and Misty has mammary cancer. I knew in my heart it was serious because this growth has only occurred since 17 May 2014. Even in the 7 days since I noticed the change, I felt the growth had increased. I have been feeling physically ill all day waiting for the result, which could not have been worse.

Life is just not fair. The vet said the chances of this happening to such a young dog are rare, but it has happened to my precious girl, my Misty. Misty is only 2 years old! She has been a wonderful girl since the day she arrived. She has always looked after Hobson. She has always been completely devoted to me. I cannot lose her!!! Just as I cannot lose Hobson because of an incompetent and inhumane vet!!!

This is a photo of Misty only 2 days ago after I bathed her. She is watching our resident birds. Her neck/shoulder area needs grooming. I have severe arthritis in my hands and I've broken one handle of my thinning scissors so I do not seem to get too far with this area. Misty is still beautiful though. Everyone says how pretty she is and what a lovely temperament she has.

I often say to Misty that I couldn't have been more lucky that she came to me. During this horrific time with Hobson, a part of me has been so worried about Misty because life can be so cruel. This is what happened with Hammer. I thought he was the healthy one of my 3 English Setters but then he died first. Everything changed. It was terrible. I can only pray with all my heart and soul that the cancer has been found in time. Just as Hobson is in the best of hands, so is Misty.

I'm afraid I feel completely devastated and overwhelmed right now so I will not be commenting again for a while. Please pray for my beautiful English Setters, Misty and Hobson. I love them so much. They are my life. Susan 

Dear Susan

i feel devastated for you, having this awful news of Misty in such  a terrible moment of pressure must be really overwhelming.. I feel from your words that your energies are running out, life is so cruel.. Anybody would be devastated in your situation..  I can only hope that Misty will fight and clean the cancer and that it has been found soon enough. ..   We do not expect your answers, I hope you will take time to regenerate yourself and take all courageous steps with Misty- and hope you will have lot of support from these wonderful vets that you have found. Take care- we are all with you and Misty/Hobson

Dear Susan, 

I'm so sorry to hear this devastating news. Siliva has already said what's on my heart too and I do hope the cancer was found soon enough; you were very quick in discovering it. Rest assured, we are thinking of you and your lovely English Setters even if you don't feel like commenting - Misty is indeed a beauty!! Warmest wishes, C & J xxx

Dear Susan! I am so very sorry to hear that your beautiful und lovely Misty has mammary cancer. Siliva and Cornelia has already said what's on my heart also and I too hope the cancer was found soon enough.  My thoughts and prayers are with you, Misty and Hobson! Sending hugs to you all B+T xxx

Dear Susan,

I am devastated for you and my thoughts are with you. 

You must stay positive now and you know you have the support of all of us here on ES ....Misty will fight and pull through. I am sending lots of positive energy to you and Misty and Hobson. Hugs and licks from all of us here xxxxxxx

Susan I had to tell you how very sorry I am for you and Misty. I think of you all every day, and I am sending you and your animal children positive thoughts, take care.

Hi Susan I have not been around lately due to hip replacement. I did not know your devasting news about Hobson and Misty, I am very sorry to read your precious Misty has a mammary tumour I thought it maybe when I saw your photograph. Several years ago my young bitch Bridie had a mammary tumour she pulled through the operation and lived a happy life for many years. It is so unfair that this happens to such a lovely young girl. Thinking of you and your precious ones, take care.




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