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Feeding raw vegetables is it safe especially cabbage

Molly loves raw cabbage but I am not sure whether it is safe to give it to her. Any suggestions

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 A vet once advised me to give one of my dogs cooked cabbage .He said that raw cabbage gives dogs a lot of wind.I would have thought cooked cabbage would have the same effect.It does on me!

I know other dog owners who do feed their dogs raw cabbage and their dogs seem remarkably healthy.

It made no difference to my dog because he wouldn't eat it!

that made me laugh. not good having wind
Hi Eunice, not sure about raw veggies however Wellington used to pinch the runner beans off the supports in the veggie patch as soon as they were ready for picking. The ones he didn't fancy were left littered around the garden obviously a runner bean connoisseur. Hamilton and Micawber eat broccoli, sugar snap peas, carrots, new potatos, runner beans, green beans, sprouts, leeks in fact any veggies that are cooked and left over from our dinner. 
thanks. Looks like the raw cabbage is out. Molly eats left overs also cooked vegs. Thats why I don't have a veg garden or one of the reasons anyway. She eats plants I think some she shouldn't.

not necessarily. U can blend it with other foods - better for them raw or if you want to cook then use the cabbage water

Dont feed a lot and dont feed more than three times a week


Nick Thompson's feeding guide below 

•Meat – 35% e.g. rabbit/chicken mince
– add 2 chicken wings for breakfast
•Veg – 30%
–Carrots (organic), Cabbage, Broccoli
•Fruit – 30%
–Apples, Bananas, Kiwis
•Nuts, Seeds and Herbs - 5% 
–Mixed nuts, Mixed seeds, Various Herbs
thanks for that. Is Nick Thompson on the internet?
look under Holistic Vet he is based in UK in Bristol area

thanks, I will later. I guess what u r saying as I only read it quickly is not too much but raw vegs o.k.

Molly for some reason has taken a real like to raw cabbage. We have been eating it  lately as it is easy to buy due to the floods. We fry it with garlic but not for Molly. thanks again


If Molly says she likes it then I would let her have some. I grate my vegetables not chop them and it makes them fine (small) Try things in small quantities and only one new thing at a time then if Molly is upset by one thing you can stop it because you know which one.


think with vegetables that they would have come from inside the  stomach of something else so they would be "chopped down" by whatever had eaten them first and there would not be too much of them in a tummy.

Hope that helps

Just wanted to add here, if you are going to feed nuts don't ever feed macadamia nuts as they are toxic to dogs.  Also steer clear of onion, garlic and grapes (or any dried fruit, for that matter).
thanks Melinda... 
Raw carrots come out looking just like they went in.......................best to steam. My dogs love broccoli, root veggies, tomatoes etc and do get them in moderation but I could never understand why you would want to feed cabbage, sprouts or any vegetables which produce wind to dogs who can produce wind without any encouragement




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