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Just in case ... to be on the safe side ....

I just read in a French Health magazine about some serious health hazard for baby human and our beloved pets.  We all know that internet information are not always reliable, but the problem is quite serious though, to the point that those listed products are no longer to be sold ... and we all know the power of pharmaceutics lobbies. You may find this article worth reading. The English translation I tried was quite hilarious so I let you choose your own translator  :-)

Different labs in different countries, but the big enemy seems to be Dimpylate AB7.


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Hi Chantal,
Thank you for posting the above. I had heard the same news yesterday on the French radio. I don't know if these makes of collars are for sale in the UK? I hope the other members can find a translation.

gosh.. we use a scalibor collar, which is deltamethrin .. not sure if this is one of the culprits ingredients, i will try to do some research.. (sorry for the change in the fonts, something happened in this browser).

Thanks chantal for posting!!

The active ingredient is dympylate which is an organophosphorus compound, and it is used in the UK in sheepdip , and flea collars for cats and dogs, including Sherley's fleacollars which are widely available, even sold in supermarkets in the UK. Sounds worrying




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