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Our poorly Humphrey has Haemolytic anaemia along with a low platelet count and is on steroids and immunosuppressant. We have been using a stomach lining medication called Antepsin which has been wonderful in preparing his stomach for the onslaught of drugs.

Now the company that make Antepsin has stopped production and run out except for humans. Production will not start again until May.  Our vet and friends have tried everywhere to obtain it but to no avail.  We do have a alternative (another drug) but I was wondering if anyone had used a natural alternative....Slipper Elm seem to be mentioned for upset stomachs but I have very little experience with natural remedies.  As we now have to add 16mg of Aspirin to the medication I am more worried about bleeds in the gut.

Sorry this is a bit longwinded ....he is looking great at the moment and I am trying to avoid backward steps. Many thanks for any help. Phil

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Hello Julie

I was using Maalox Plus liquid and it worked very well. Our vet checked her drugs book and it is mentioned in there.  She check that it did not have any adverse effects with drugs Humphrey was taking and all was fine.  It was funny but on our walks I discovered a few people who were using Maalox because the Antepsin was not available.

He was doing very well but sadly he developed further complications with his bone marrow and he lost the battle 3 weeks ago.

Oh Philip I am so very sorry. I thought he was doing so well when I wrote this morning. Three weeks is nothing and I am sure you are still very sad and raw so I really am very grateful for you getting back to me. My boy is struggling and we nearly lost him good friday but he battles on. I am sleeping downstairs and his poorliness is taking its toll but the alternative is so hard to bear. My thoughts are with you and also your other boy who I am sure is very lost. Julie

Philip I am so so sorry to hear this. ..

Dear Philip

I am so very sad to read your devastating and heart-breaking words that your beloved Humphrey lost his battle. With Warmest Wishes from Susan xxxx

Hello Philip.

I'm very sorry to hear you lost your boy Humphrey after his fight for better health. My thoughts are with you.


My sincerest condolences also, for the loss of your boy Humphrey, Philip.

I'm so sorry to hear this news, Philip. We are thinking of you in this sad time, C & J xxx

Sad to hear about your boy Humphrey x




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