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Gastric necrosis - survival chances and problems ahead?

Bailey had surgery for bloat today. Suddenly stopped eating yesterday. Looked entirely depressed and not his usual self today that there was no question - he HAD to be seen by the vet. So glad we did.

Vet has operated and suggested Bailey might have chronic gastric vovulus. The good news is the vet reports his stomach and spleen are ok but there are signs of limited gastric necrosis. Does anyone know what the implications of this is? Are we in for a tough time ahead? Will this effect his recovery/survival chances.

(The house is eerily quiet without our rowdy boy.)

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Thanks to everyone for their wonderful support. I'm pleased to report that our beloved goofball appears to be making a full recovery. Stitches came out on Monday and we're keeping him to 4 meals a day, dry food but well soaked first. Still giving Bailey some chicken or tinned food in with it to make it smell more appetising. I'm being pestered to throw his tennis ball as I type so he must be feeling good.
That is great news! So happy for you:-))




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