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Hi All

I have a now 8YO Irish boy who puts the" I'm lame" act when we attend a show. He runs round the yard and goes for a walk and there is no sign of soreness but as soon as we arrive at show he goes lame always in the left foot/wrist. He currently has 936 points and only requires 1000 to gain his Grand Ch title. We have not shown him for the last 6 months which is virtually most of this year/show season because of this. It's just a shame because he is so near. Has anybody had a similar problem and found a way to get their problem child out of this acting caper?

Cheers Rick

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I've seen it before by dogs ..

The sheppard from a friend dit it when he didn't get the atention he wanted( jealous )

By an irish setter from a friend when he had to much anxiety...they gave him a half pill for travel ilniss.

It calms the dog just sufficient without making him dozy...


Succes Frans

Is it possible he might have a bit of real soreness there, exascerbated by the excitement/stress of a show, and in running in a circle - ie, putting his weight onto that foot first as he takes off, which triggers the mild pain?  I have also heard of dogs who have been lame before, but who now limp as a bit of a habit.


You could try Rescue Remedy, if you think it's a put-on.  Otherwise, I'd recommend maybe some Bowen or something to check out that joint, or the muscles in his leg.  If he's 8, it's possible there's a touch of mild arthritis or something starting up in that joint, and the excitement of the show is setting it off.



He mist be wondering why you are not listening?? But maybe it isnt psychosomatic <sp> Dog may have something you cant see on or in his foot... grass/wooden floor/ribbed rubber mat? Maybe when you travel to shows he lies in an uncomfortable travel arrangement and becomes stiff? You need to do a lot more investigating




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