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We are planning to go to Sweden Jan or March 2012 for 3 weeks. We will be travelling by Ferry with the 4 dogs. We are looking for somewhere in Southern Sweden were we can stay for 10-14 days to train the dogs on snow. We would like to stay in a sleddog camp were we can get advice on how to train the dogs and to be guided on the trails.Does anyone know of a place like this in Sweden.


Plus does anyone know the best route to travel by Ferry from Ireland.



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Hello Rita!
If you like to train Your dogs on snow You normally have to go to the middle of Sweden or further north or You can go to the south of Norway :-)
Try asking Thor Erik Pape from Norway, who is on this list. Before he started breeding setters, he was a sled dog breeder

Hi! We have taken our dogs over from Manchester to Sweden twice from Hull to Rotterdam. The Swedish rules re rabies are different to the UK ones. The rabies blood test cannot be taken earlier than 120 days after the rabies vaccination and then it is 6 months after the blood test until they can re enter the UK, unless you have 2 blood tests - one a month after the rabies vaccination that they can re enter the UK on then the 2nd one 3 months later to be able to enter Sweden. 

I second the earlier comments, you would be very lucky to have snow in south of Sweden in March, January is safer but no 100% guarantee. Plenty of snow though in the North.


Thanks for all the advice everyone. We got the dogs rabies shots done last week and we'll get the bloods done in 3 weeks time to see if the dogs pass. We'll also get the bloods done at 120 days for the rabies vacc. 2 sets of blood tests are costly but we don't want to take any chances.


I'll contact Thor Erik Pape and see if he knows of anywhere in Norway we could go. We are thinking on Gafsele in Sweden which is up North but means another 1.5 days travelling.




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