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Hello there! Long time member, first time poster here! I have a Setter bitch who was spayed about 3 years ago and she has a pretty heavy spay coat, especially on her legs and back. I brush it regularly with a bristle brush but was wondering if anyone has any tips on stripping that fuzzy hair away? I use an equigroomer which helps a bit but she doesn’t tolerate it for long (and she is used to grooming) and it doesn’t take much hair away. I’d thought of using thinning shears on these thick areas but I’m not sure if that would be the correct tool? Have also tried hand stripping but it also doesn’t remove much. Thank you in advance! 

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Hello Megan,

Have you tried a Mars Coat King ? You can get one online, I found they work best for dogs that have been neutered. You may also want to use quite a bit of conditioner after a bath to keep the coat matt free and shiny. I hope this helps. :-)

I’ll definitely check that out, thank you!

I was satisfied with Mars Coat King also.

Yes Mars coat king is great, I have Mars 30 for the coat and Mars 10 for the feathers.

Hi Angela. Is the Mars 10 better for feathers because it has fewer teeth? I got the Mars 20 and it’s great on her coat but it seems to tug on any longer hair so I stopped because I didn’t want to hurt her. Thanks x 




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