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Hi all,

I went away last weekend and my fiance decided, kind heartedly, to take ollie to a new groomer for a groom and bath before we go on holiday to get married next week.

I've come home and they have cut all his hair off :-(  They took his ears right back, and they have also clippered all over his back and taken most of his feathering away from his back legs.  They took his neck down nicely, but I'm just so so upset as he doesn't look like my boy any more.  What's more annoying is I gave Dan a photo of a setter and how I would like him cut but Dan forgot the photo and basically I think he didn't explain it properly.

I can't fault their workmanship but they buggered up how he looks, and I must say I don't blame them but my wally fiance!! I know his heart was in the right place but grrrrr I'm upset!!

And I guess, at the end of the day, it will grow back...he just doesn't look like my boy anymore :-(

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Take it he won't be a bridesmaid!!!
The way you described Ollie's finished cut seems to me that the groomer thought he was a oversized Cocker and took all that lovely body coat off. If you decide to learn to trim Ollie yourself then, as Rhonda says, th first few times can be a bit daunting but it will be rewarding in the long term.

Its like a bad hair cut Nicky. Stick your chin up, roll your eyes and say 'hairdresser was having a bad day'. I bet Ollie didn't care what she said he was too busy having fun. Dan might be trying to make you both feel better.

Same thing happened to me last year.  Our regular groomer was ill so I took Benson to someone who claimed to groom show dogs.  He came back scalped.  I could see the scissor marks where he had cut off his feathers.  Ironically, he left his tail so he did look very odd!  I wrote and complained, asking for compensation, enough for two visits to our regular groomer.  i recieved a very indignant letter but he did pay up.

It is a great wake up call when it happens.  I cheered myself up by thinking that there are worse things that can happen to your dog and as Finn said, Benson couldn't give two hoots as to how he looked, and it did grow back quite quickly.

Incredulous,to think that i was taken seriously!

If it was your first comment James, it was written with such charming language about the power of the female charms, I thought it was tongue in cheek. My comment to you was meant to be a fun comment too. Two lovers about to get married are not going to let a groomers misadventure upset their plans. Best wishes to both on their wonderful day and start to married life.

Er, so we were! I blame the feminine charms, personally.....so powerful and mysterious that they drove me to distraction....and made me dig a rather large hole which i shall now jump into!!! You ladies just carry on without me!

If it's any compensation ,you made me laugh!

I smiled as well so he had better get back out of the hole.

Oh all right then.Dusted down and ready for my next bruising. Glad it brought some entertainment to you!

Where would we be without you James?




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