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Hi all,

I went away last weekend and my fiance decided, kind heartedly, to take ollie to a new groomer for a groom and bath before we go on holiday to get married next week.

I've come home and they have cut all his hair off :-(  They took his ears right back, and they have also clippered all over his back and taken most of his feathering away from his back legs.  They took his neck down nicely, but I'm just so so upset as he doesn't look like my boy any more.  What's more annoying is I gave Dan a photo of a setter and how I would like him cut but Dan forgot the photo and basically I think he didn't explain it properly.

I can't fault their workmanship but they buggered up how he looks, and I must say I don't blame them but my wally fiance!! I know his heart was in the right place but grrrrr I'm upset!!

And I guess, at the end of the day, it will grow back...he just doesn't look like my boy anymore :-(

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Just goes to show how our Setters choose their custodians 1st requirement 'must have charm'

...and a sense of humour!

Last week Arthur found the mud on the beach at Weston-super-Mare.The people on the beach and the prom thought it was funny!Maybe me going ballistic ,as he ran towards it helped! I had to laugh afterwards!

I think my crater has turned into a mountain! Cock-a-doodle-do!!!




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