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Today my little girl would have been three years old.  We miss you every day little one, and we know Ollie would have loved to have you as his big sister as he approaches his second birthday.  Sleep well my darling Eva.  We will meet again some day.  Shadow misses his doggy friend.   Ollie will eat some doggie cake for you :-)

All our love as always,

Mum, Dad, Ollie and the cats xxx

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happy birthday to  really a missing girl, big hug to Ollie!

I am so sorry that Ollie doesn't have his big sister for her birthday..I know how you must be missing her...

yup, he has had HUGE cuddles, he was even allowed on the bed this morning!!  And he had a special dinner last night as well.  Happy boy.


Happy Birthday departed Eva!!  from the other side of the rainbow bridge we are all thinking of you.




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