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I have just gotton my Irish Setter who is 1 year old, I feed him quality dry dog food but he takes a mouth and walks away from his bowl and of course drops food all over the floor. He was returned to the breeder as his owner has breast cancer and couldnt give him the time he needs.He's a great dog just a real sloppy eater, he came from a litter of 16 and I can see his mother didnt have time to teach him table manners LOL I could change his food but he really seems to like what hes on any suggestions?

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oh that is such a lovely story...how lucky you both were to find each other but how sad for the lady who had to give him up, hope she knows what a great home he has with you xxx

Paul welcome to the wonderful world of Irish Setters......you will find life is a fun game they play very well. I also have a "rescue" who came home at one year....and what a joy our Miss Molly has been for us....she manages us quite well as all of us fell in love with her. I do wish I had puppy pictures and knew where she was bred but she is my "purse puppy" I was supposed to rescue so not looking that "gift horse" in the mouth. Enjoy your new adventure.

Miss Molly was a fast,messy eater also so to slow her down I used an angel food cake  pan (one without the foot rests so rim was flush) which slowed her down and I think got her to eat very neatly as I seldom have her making a mess. I think Molly had to learn there was no competition for her food and that no one would take it away from her. Only used the angel food cake pan a few weeks but it solved the problem for us. Drinking inside is usually not too bad unless she is hot....I keep cool fresh water on patio especially in summer so she can do her snorkeling act outside....first IS I have had that definitely snorkels and will put her whole head underwater.  Molly does hide her bones in the house but as she spends quite a bit of time hiding them ( we can not be directly watching her or she keeps moving it) and after her late night walk or romp retrieves them for her bedtime snack which really is a game for all of us as we rehide them if we find them. May you find all the love and joy with Magick we have found with our Molly.

This is my second Irish Setter I have had several labs and a  Jack Russell Terror I mean Terrier. I love watching Magick run and play and how friendly their personalities are. Thats awesome you have a rescue too! I was very lucky to get all his puppy pictures and talk to his breeder but due to his previous owner fighting cancer I havent talked to her to learn about his first year.It was hard for her to give him up so I send pictures to the breeder and she sends them to her so she knows he is being taken care of and hopefully it gives her piece of mind in some small way.

Magick eats slow and is never in a hurry and just takes a few bites then walks around with food in this mouth looking out the window while he chews and food fall out those loose lips! Like you I keep fresh water out side but when hes in well its water every where when he drinks and of course he loves to put his wet face all over me. 

I have been working with him on finding treats. I use 3 soccer cones and i toss a treat for him to go get as he does I put a treat in one of the cones ( they have wholes in the top) when he comes back he sniffs them then lays down when he thinks he has picked the right one. Hes getting very accurate now so I am going to add another cone till I can get up to 10.  its a fun game to make him think and tire his brain if that is possible lol. I found this on youtube here is the link if your interested.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfd2lDfy3K8&feature=youtube_gda...


I have actually solved this problem I have added water and a a little liver juice from the cooked liver I make for him for training treats. Now he stays at his food bowl and eats till its all gone. Now to I need a solution to his sloppy water drinking lol 




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