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Hi all


unfortunately we had a accident with Oberon. He was suffering an attack of severe diarrhea since last Wed, and, after two days in which, despite lots of medications and one liquid injection, he was refusing food and water, he get really dehydrated and letargic. The decision was to hospitalize him today, at least for 24h till tomorrow, so he's receving food and water via phlebo. We  visited him tonight, and it seems he's doing well since at least he's weeing and his gums are less dry. The diarrhea stopped, he's not vomiting, so hopefully we can take him home tomorrow...


BUT: still he's not drinking (nor even eating) by himself. I can't figure out what caused this: is not parvo (he's vaccinated and, more important, never passed blood in the stools nor vomited) , maybe he was licking something in the park, but nothing we can identify as we have seen him to do..

O. is 7 months old



So: we are a bit worry whether to take him home or not.. On one side, since synthoms stopped and he's been receiving liquid food for the last  24h, and he seems to be quite worry and alterated (in mood) in the hospital, so maybe, now that he's out of risk,  he's more likely to re-start to drink /eat normally in his own environment.. On the other side, when he was here at home and not drinking I tried almost everything (including siringing water in his mouth) and he kept refusing all this, as well crashed ice or the most variety of food I tried, so he went down in a few hours....(1 or half a day, depending on when you start counting the falling down of energy levels..)


Did you have similar experiences? Once the symptom stops (so is not passing water anymore, as now) and he are sure he had some liquids/foods for the last 24h, can we take him home, in your experience, or there is something that we may ask to better check in terms of tests/exams?


thanks for your help!!







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Such a sad story Silvia - haven't got any more advise sorry, but Riley and I wish you and Oberon all the best for a speedy recovery, you seem a little more up beat with your entries now, so I hope it continues that way. TLC at home is definitely best. You are the centre of Oberon's world, he'll feel lots better being with you anyway i'm sure and that's gotta help!
Hi Silvia
You could try giving him some slippery elm powder which I have found works wonders for diarrhea and other intestinal imbalances.
And two tablespoons of pure pumpkin puree twice a day is always helpful for diarhea, IF he will agree to eat it!
this was the news I've been waiting for too ... looking at his menu he IS indeed his mother's son .. but it's great to hear he's recovering .. as for the vet's food .. just take it back and get a refund .. he won't eat it .. rest of his family never have :-) xxxxxxxx from Rowan and Holly and his Willow mum sends him a big hug .. and says SPOIL HIM TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT!
Oh thanks a lot, Sue, and all others!!!! We are quite happy, since the Oberon appetite is growing steadily: still not 100% normal, but the amount of rice and chicken increased over the week end, to almost 400g, and this morning he managed to have some of his normal dry food as well ! Also, rest of his life seems back to normal: he's cheerful, playful, drinks the water.. he also managed to destroy his bed last night (good excuse to sleep on the sofa till Silvia find a new one on amazon ;) , so he's definitely not letargic anymore ;)

We need time for the stomac to get better, so he'll retain better the food .. I didnt know the slippery elm powder, but I googled it and sounds great indeed, so I am trying this (as the other tips we had) :)

I really thank all you for the posts!!! Oh, is very reassuring to have such wonderful support in some worrying times !
Hi! Just picking up this post to let you know that we are definitely better now!

Oberon needed a second antibiotic coupled to a dewormer, through, and this time the combined medications worked.. and the appetite is back (or, better, it looks "voracity" now :)

After almost two weeks producing all different foods, including (thanks Sue and all others for the suggestion!!) liquefying chicken and puree, to tempt him while sick, well,
it is such a relief that he's eating and playing enthusiastically again !

Looks we have our noisy dog back: he's so active that a couple of days ago he even managed to team with his best friend beagle (another puppy) and kill a crow they both get excited about- with my horror, but we need to face these situations with IS, dont we.. ;)

thanks again then!!
Glad to hear your boy is better.




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