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My little puppy who is 5 months old likes cycle bikes and motorbikes and i am worried that one day she may chase a motorbike and not come back or worse chase a bike and get hit by a car. I dont want this to happen.

Is there anyway to over come this?

she is a red and white setter and seems to bark and pull the lead everytime she sees one

any help please?

once i was taking her a walk and she saw a cycle bike and ran after it but i called her name and she came back but im not so sure she will do it everytime so i am asking this question just incase

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Hello Rhona,

You are not alone. Our Irish Setters are five months old and simply love joggers and bikes. At the moment we just hang on to their leads, and when we meet nice bikers we ask them to stop and let Anton and Gina have a look and a sniff. We ask them to take off their helmets and say hello. But I guess the chases won't stop for a while..... Good luck with your puppy!





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