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Hi all,

I've just come back from running Ollie in our usual grounds as I've been street walking him this week and thought he deserved a run.  After about 5 minutes a young kid who I know came outside and called me over.  He said have you not heard about Molly (another neighbourhood dog) - I said no.  Apparently in the grounds where we run them (cricket grounds) the cricket club have put something down on the grass.  Apparently Molly has been in the vets the last few days and had a £600 operation as whatever it is poisoned her.  I immediately got Ollie off of the grass and I've got home and washed his feet completely as he didn't roll around or anything like that.  But now I'm utterly terrified.  Dan is telling me not to worry because we cleaned his feet and he was on there for a total of 7 minutes before I got him off.  But especially with today being Eva's anniversary, I'm really really frightened now that in trying to do something nice for my boy I may have now inadvertently hurt him badly.

Any advice?  Anyone know what I can do?


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I would possibly give him a shower incase anything has got onto his coat and he licks it off. Then just keep a eye on him. Could also be worth trying to find out what thet put on the grass so the vet knows what to use if they have to trat him or other dogs.Most of all don't panic.

Ring the cricket club and ask what they used ask for the active ingredient. Then the vet with the active ingredient if it is a chemical. Here we have a poisons service that you can ring once you have the name of the actual chemical. You could also try the vet that treated the other dog perhaps.

What on earth is a cricket club doing using something that is so poisonous? I am sure it can't be safe for children either.

However anything used will probably have been absorbed by the ground by now so Ollie should be ok.What a worry for you.

Our local council left a large pile of lime on the ovals which are also official off leash areas for dogs. From a distance I thought it was gysum which does not have an extreme pH. I didn't even think lime as leaving that in a pile would be plain stupid.

Murhpy came back when called but kerry rolled in the surrounding grass which was wet.  He came over very distressed with the skin in his ears and around his eyes red and raised. He was madly trying to rub his head on me and the grass and crying. Lucky I had his water bottle in the car and then drove him home quickly. Went back later and discovered it was lime. Council Parks and Gardens management at first could not grasp why I was upset. If you talk in terms of hazardous substances notification, Occupational Health and Safety, Chemical Withholding Periods, Material Safety Data Sheets and Public Liability they become a little more engaged. Water is the best thing Nicky but I would chase it up. If  a chemical is being used the public should be made aware of the withholding period before use. Like my area, I realise they may need to use chemicals but notification of its use is just plain common sense.




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