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Our 4 year old male setter Finley has just been diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia. We're going to try to manage this by limiting his walks, giving him glucosamine supplements, and probably hydrotherapy. Does anyone in a similar situation have any advice they might offer please? One more question - the breeder doesn't seem to want to talk to me about this, and I think they should at least know that one of their dogs has this problem. Perhaps with a view to investigating whether this is a one off or not. If this is a problem with that litter, perhaps they should stop breeding from the dogs involved? I'm not looking to make a fuss, I just want to avoid others being placed in our situation if possible. Any thoughts please? His sire's hip scores were 6/3; the dam's 5/4.

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Both parents have fairly good hip scores, it sometimes happens that they still can produce one or two with problems. what is the hip score of your dog?  Once scored it will appear in the Breed Records supplement and everyone will become aware of it's very high score & the breeder will view it more seriously. In defence of the breeders at least they hip scored the mother & used a sire that was also scored.

Hello Stephen, I'm sorry to hear your Irish has hip Displasia! It's seems many members mention green lipped mussel is the way to go today but I'm not really up there to recommend anything in particular. Our daughters dog has advanced elbow Displasia ( she is a Newfoundland) and she is only 2 & 1/2 yrs! Surgery wasn't an option sadly as it's non operable and she was recommended to give her omega 3,6,9 & green lipped mussel and let her be a dog but monitor except code (much like what you have mentioned Stephen).Hydrotherapy will most definitely build muscle, my Irish boy has been attending for three months after ligament surgery and I can't recommended it enough. The other thing that might help is a genuine Memory Bed...( make sure not egg shell type!!!) not cheap but since I've been using one for my Irish, he has not been lame after sleep. I know I can't offer a lot but hopefully someone else will be able to give you some sound advice.
Wish you well Stephen and Finley.
I am really sorry to hear your dog has hip dysplasia. At least the parents were hip scored and the Breeder was responsible ....I am wondering why they do not want to talk about it with you ? Glucosamine and hydrotherapy would be also my first way of managing it . How much pain is your dog suffering? You may want to have a look at surgical procedures that are now available too. I hope this helps you a little

My thanks for all these really helpful comments. The vet also said that such things can appear from nowhere, and I was never looking to blame the breeder. As others have said, they did indeed behave responsibly. He's a lovely dog - the best of all the 5 setters we've owned over the years, so no complaints from us, we're just a bit sad for him.

It sounds as if he may not of been scored, it really would be helpful for the breed if he was. If breeders can see the sire is producing bad hips even though his score is good then they may take it into consideration before using him at stud. A high score in just one hip may also suggest it was caused by an injury. i think hydrotherapy would be beneficial as well as keeping him rather lean & giving him gentle exercise. Galen Therapy Centre 08453 751767 mail@caninetherapy.co.uk may be able to help with more advice. Good luck




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