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I didn't want to hijack Emma's thread so started a new one.

Whilst at a show on Saturday, and also from a reply on Emmas thread, it would appear that vets in some countries will take x-rays for hip scoring without the use of any medication at all.  In view of what happened to Henry last week I would be keen to find out more about this so I can check with my vet as to whether he would be prepared to go down that route...(I did ask him previously and he said you can't get an accurate reading that way), but if others are able to do it and I can find out the methods used, then I would happily approach every vet in the country to see if I could find someone that would indulge me.

I wondered therefore, if anyone has a vet that has x-rayed the hips for scoring purposes without the use of any meds, would you please let me have details and either a contact email address or website, regardless of where you are in the world, if I can get enough information about their procedures, and they are keen to share of course, then I will be very happy, and it may mean a lot more dogs get scored if I can pass on any info I get.

Many thanks in anticipation :-)

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Many thanks for that Jo...does the drug he had contain ACP?  If so then I need to make sure that also gets added to his medical records.  To be honest, my mind is spinning with all the different meds mentioned, and I think some are the same thing just with different names??  I have heard the Propofol mentioned many times and it seems that is safe to use...I definately wonder if this is what Henry had when he had his op last year.

It was an American at the show last weekend that was astounded that we put our dogs out to x-ray hips, that's what made me wonder if some countries do it why not all?  I would have no problem with holding him and wearing the appropriate gear...when you've had as many x-rays and ultra sounds as I have, it's a wonder I don't glow in the dark lol, but if it's illegal over here then I don't think I stand much chance of getting it done that way.

Domitor is a different drug to acp. Domitor is a sedative that provides deep, reversible sedation. Acp is a common sedative that is used prior to a general anaesthetic which helps calm the dog and reduces the amount of general anaesthetic drugs required.
Propofol is the injectable anaesthetic given to the dogs to make them go to sleep and isoflourane is the gas that is then used to keep them asleep.
Domitor does lower the heart rate and he may have just had a reaction to this drug, it is a completely different class of drug to the other ones mentioned so you should not worry too much.
Personally I would not give a dog a GA unless absolutely necessary as even though they are safe there is always a risk.
Isn't interesting the differences between here and the US. When I first started nursing (in 1992) we used to hold animals all of the time for X-rays but now it is not done in this country.
That will be very interesting Tracy...I shall have a look :-)

I received a very nice email from the secretary of the homeopathic vets (BHAVS), I didn't want to copy it word for word as didn't feel that would be appropriate but he is basically saying that because of the way the dog needs to be positioned, he thinks it is very doubtful that I would find a vet that is willing to do it without meds and also to bear in mind that, should the dog have a hip problem that the x-rays would show, it could be very painful for the dog to be manipulated into position.  He further said that because of the reaction Henry had, unless I specifially wanted him scored to breed from, is it really worth it at the end of the day as I would be taking a risk with his life.   One if his paragraphs read: Sedation and/or anaesthesia do carry risks and it is unlikely that a homeopathic practitioner would be able to do much more than reduce the risk at best. . Dogs who have the kind of reaction that your lad appears to have had, should be subjected these proceedures only under the most serious circumstances in my view.
Glad he made a good recovery.

That's fair enough, I've tried my best but it obviously isn't to be.

Thanks Tracy :-)

Without a doubt, if he ever needed a procedure I would let him have it done, of course I would be beside myself but I wouldn't feel anywhere near as guilty if something happened to him if it were something that needed doing.  I will still have a chat with my vet tomorrow, just to see what he has to say.




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