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My setter has quite wavy hair, her hair does shine a bit but how do you get that high shine and gloss?  Do I add something to her food or coat? I'd love to know.


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Hi Marjoelin,

I first just want to say, your  dogs are beautiful!!!  Lovely picture.  The one on the left looks very like Kara in the face I think.

Thank you for recommending the fish oil.  I have started using Cod Liver Oil drizzled on her nuts (which she is not too keen).  When she is finished the bottle I'll try her on that, but I do find it hard to give her tablets.

Thanks also for your lovely comment about Kara in the picture.  I think she is lovely too. :~)


Hi Vicky, thanks for your message and the lovely comments about my dogs! I am very proud of them and i am sure that you are proud of Kara too!! The one on the left is Killian, he is 1 year old now and his nickname is Kill Bill.

My dogs don't like to take the capsules either, but I always roll it in some minced meat and then there is no problem and all and within a few days you already can see the results!


We will keep in touch!

Have a nice weekend en best regards from Holland, Marjolein

Hi there,

I recieved my Coat Kings in the post today.  The ones that I was able to get were 12 and 30, hope that they are ok.  I'm nervevously excited about trying out these new combs, they look leathal!!!  Wish me luck, I'm going in, armed and dangerous!!! Hope she's still talking to me afterwards!!





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