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How do you tell the good BREEDER from the bad?

This was a title of a discussion suggested to me by a puppy-buyer...a lot of us can perhaps not answer as we are breeders ourselves.
It will be interesting to see what comes out of this discussion now that the "boot is on the other foot" :-)

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I'm not sure, Ursula... just because you had a dog 30 years ago, does that mean you know all now? Like getting a driving licence and then not driving for 20 years... I'm not sure I'd like to meet you on the roads (not meaning YOU personally:-))
But that is actually how we deal with driving-licences now!
And there is so much more damage that can be done with a car.

Regarding my personal driving...I have this weak spot when it comes to reversing:-)
So coming straight AT you, dont worry...its the other end of my car that may be a problem!
Isn't there a nice long narrow road leading to your house? You could practise reversing up to the house daily from the main road and I'm sure in no time at all you'd have that weak spot under control. Same procedure as in dog training. Sorry, quite off topic:-))
Yes, I think a new topic is called for...
Driving and how to improve your skills in that area:-)
I'm quite enjoying this off-topic conversation, actually :-))
As far as driving, get the biggest vehicle you can, and then everything is easy:-)))) Been there done that. The bigger the better, I have always wanted to drive an 18 wheeler, everything will get out of your way with one of those coming up behind them. I digress.
In some respects it would be good to make sure that people would be able to actually understand what dogs need, for their everyday existence, little things like....food, water, exercise, and clean conditions..... and love, some people don't even realise that dogs need all of these most basic things, they get tied up in the back yard and throw them scraps whenever they remember, I know that this is the worst scenario, but it does happen, I would like to think that we all here could spot that kind of person, (but what if we didn't, and found out that one of our puppies had gone to this kind of home), we would surly be pleased that there was something to stop that kind of thing happening. BUT, again, how is it going to be enforced???




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