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How long is it usually before an Irish Setter bitch is fully grown physically?

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From my own personal experience I'd say 2 years, even though Pitanga is 3 and she only got the right body condition now. But she stopped at about 2 years. Romã is 1,5 years now, no heat so far and I still notice some tiny tiny growing every now and then.
interesting!! and a boy?


So much depends on the bitch - I'd say around 18 months height wise but then it takes another year to fully mature after that - having a litter helps things along, however I've always waited until they are around three before taking a litter as I feel mine have been slow to mature ( but then they last longer...)

Jus tenjoy them whilst they are young - they grow up all too fast!!!




Thanks Ro - that's helpful around 18 months physical 10 years mental :-)
i dont think my Irish setters grow more heightwise after 9months, however the pelvic bones don't finalise growing untill 26months.




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