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I was unloading firewood from a wagon and the fellas were romping till I heard this God awful yelping and a big lunker had rolled off without me even knowing and also unbeknownst is Keba was right there. I knew it was bad right away and took him to a 24/7 emergency care. Xrays show all 4 metetarsals on the right rear are broken. I left him overnight to stabilize with pain meds and then a surgeon consult tomorrow morning. They suspect he needs pins and the cost is going to be astronomical. I of course have to do it because he is only 2. I'm sick to my stomach. I mean, it was purely an accident. The log just shifted and fell and I thought the boy was out back. My dogs are everything to me and I am of course blaming myself. Just looking for some shoulders to cry on. I won't get him back til Wednesday and of course Rooker is being spoiled rotten tonight. Anyone ever see similar breaks.

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Just wanted to offer some hugs.  You poor thing - what a horrible accident.  Of course it wasn't your fault...sometimes, those things just happen.  I hope Keba has an easy recovery.  You know what Setters are like...in a week, you'll be struggling to keep him quiet.

You must not blame yourself, accidents happen and we all know how quick our irish can move and get in the way. All my best wishes go to you and yours, Keba will be back home very soon to give you all a wonderful Christmas.Take care, loves and licks from us <:0(

I  am so sorry about Keba's accident.It is no one's fault and Keba is lucky to have a caring owner like you.

I hope he recovers quickly and that you stop blaming yourself.

What a terrible accident...and that is what it was...an accident. Don't beat yourself up over it, although I know you must be feeling so bad. I wish Keba a good recovery and send you best wishes.

Just a horrible freak accident...nobody's fault.

I wish Keba a speedy recovery and you Rob, peace of mind.

Right now waiting to hear from surgeon. Pretty sure he will need pins. As you know, these red guys run like the wind. Would hate to see him hampered. I was hoping it was outside metatarsal but... Right now waiting is hardest part. Depending on triage there, they might do surgery this afternoon. Thank you so much for the kind words.

Paws crossed for both you and Keba. Slowly, slowly Keba for a full recovery.

News flash! Surgeons say that because the breaks are high up toward the ankle, there is no room for pins or a plate. The 2and 3 bones , the center weight bearing ones have the worse breaks but are not displaced. Splint for 2 mos. that will need to be checked biweekly but my local visiting vet can do that. Prognosis for complete recovery guarded but optimistic. Told Rooker to enjoy the attention as his brother has issues. He may even be home today after more X-ray. Will post some photos when settled.

Really sorry to hear about the accident. But please don't blame yourself. It sounds like the dog will recover and he'll be fine. He is clearly well looked after and receiving excellent medical care. A lot of dogs aren't that lucky. I have friends working in vetenary care and regularly receive horror stories about untreated medical conditions which inevitably lead to the animal's (avoidable!) death. However, when properly cared for animals are terribly adaptable and even if Keba is left with a slight limp he will cope and continue to lead a good life.

Hi Rob what a horrible experience for you all, am so glad to hear that Keba is on the mend and that the prognosis is not as bad as you first feared, he is lucky to have such a caring "dad" as I'm pretty sure you wil be there to meet all his setter needs (like cuddles and kisses) when you get him back!! Accidents DO happen and of course hind sight is a wonderful thing, you must just look forward now....love and hugs from me and three red boys xx 

Sounds much better news....I am sorry this happened to your boy, but accidents happen.  I am sure everyone on line will have their fingers, toes and paws crossed for Keba...Hugs to you.

Hi Rob,

So sorry to hear about your accident! Please do not blame yourself, these awfull thing sometimes happen! I can tell you that from experience. Romã broke her leg at 7 weeks old because a friend stepped on her the moment I put her down....

I'll also give you some advice on splints as I went trough that with Romã. DO NOT let your boy move too much on them or the leg won't heal right!!!! I'm not a fan of sedatives, but if your boy gets too lively, I'd consider it to keep him quiet and healing well - Romã would not stand still for a second while healing and her bones on that leg ended up thinner that the other leg, leaving her limping forever! She runs and does everything like a normal dog without pain, but still, if I could go back, I would definetely make her stay still at all costs.

Of course your boy is older and does not have this risk, but it'll still allow him to have a faster recovery!

Good luck on his recovery! Please let us know how he's doing and send him a lot of cuddles form us =)




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