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I was unloading firewood from a wagon and the fellas were romping till I heard this God awful yelping and a big lunker had rolled off without me even knowing and also unbeknownst is Keba was right there. I knew it was bad right away and took him to a 24/7 emergency care. Xrays show all 4 metetarsals on the right rear are broken. I left him overnight to stabilize with pain meds and then a surgeon consult tomorrow morning. They suspect he needs pins and the cost is going to be astronomical. I of course have to do it because he is only 2. I'm sick to my stomach. I mean, it was purely an accident. The log just shifted and fell and I thought the boy was out back. My dogs are everything to me and I am of course blaming myself. Just looking for some shoulders to cry on. I won't get him back til Wednesday and of course Rooker is being spoiled rotten tonight. Anyone ever see similar breaks.

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Thanks Teresa, That's advice I'm looking for. Vet didn't recommend sedatives. Forget exactly what he said now. Hard part will be keeping it clean and dry. Everything is mud here now but he has a little booty thing. Its going to be a long 2 mos.

Hi Rob,

No sound vet will recomend you sedatives at this point, you should try to keep him quiet without them of course :-). Just saying, if he does happen to get impossible to manage (2 months is a very long time) and nothing else is working, discuss it with your vet! I do hope you won't need it!!!

As for keeping the splint clean and dry, I used impervious repairing duct tape and made a little "shoe" around the end of the splint, where they set it on the floor. You just have to keep a close eye on it, because it needs to be replaced before it "wears off" or all the dirt will manage to get in the splint - i used to replace the duct tape every other day and it worked wonders! (it was winter as well, and we live in the country, so I understand your fight against mud!)

What a heart rending thing to have such a little pup stepped on. They are so fragile then and so curious. Your friend must have felt terrible.

Hi Rob, you could use cling film to keep the cast clean and waterproof.   The advantage is is that it is easy to use and cheap and lightweight.  It can be thrown away after each walk around the garden, obviously later on it will be too flimsy but it can be a very useful tool for now.   The other good thing about it is is that it isn't too bulky, he shouldn't have extra padding under his foot for now because it will stress the fracture by making the leg longer than his other legs, but Teresa's advice re the tape is good for when the fracture is further along it's healing process. Poor Teresa's experience regarding her baby puppy is everyone's nightmare possibility and her friend must have felt dreadful. 

Right now he won't even set it on the ground.

Oh, poor dog!   If anything like this happened to me I would be so cross and sick to the stomach with myself.   Don't get too hung up about it, it was an accident.   Let us know how he progresses and you will be amazed how he copes with it, they are very stoic!!       At least he isn't being pinned and he is young and it will all come together, just don't let his brother encourage him to romp roughly tho'.  You've acted very quickly and Keba really does have the best outcome for a quick recovery.  He won't be disabled but when he knows he can use it to his advantage - watch out - he will use every Irish charm in the book to get his way!!!!!!!!!

Hi Rob, so glad to read your update and it sounds as if it is not as bad as first thought......don't blame yourself , Irish Setters are very resilient and I send best wishes for a quick recovery !

Plenty of shoulders available on ES Rob. Don't be too hard on yourself. We understand what your dogs mean to you. All that is important now is that Keba recovers. Best wishes.

The Irish Patient returns home, looking none the worse for the wear and tear.


It's good to read that he is home with his family

Torquoise is definately his colour, his nobility is there for all to see, gorgeous dog.

They don't see many IS around here and the vets couldn't believe how handsome he is. He's a sweetie too.




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