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I was unloading firewood from a wagon and the fellas were romping till I heard this God awful yelping and a big lunker had rolled off without me even knowing and also unbeknownst is Keba was right there. I knew it was bad right away and took him to a 24/7 emergency care. Xrays show all 4 metetarsals on the right rear are broken. I left him overnight to stabilize with pain meds and then a surgeon consult tomorrow morning. They suspect he needs pins and the cost is going to be astronomical. I of course have to do it because he is only 2. I'm sick to my stomach. I mean, it was purely an accident. The log just shifted and fell and I thought the boy was out back. My dogs are everything to me and I am of course blaming myself. Just looking for some shoulders to cry on. I won't get him back til Wednesday and of course Rooker is being spoiled rotten tonight. Anyone ever see similar breaks.

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The turquoise nice but I like 'red' more

Hi Rob I am so sorry, but finally he's at home at least.. Finger crossed for a smooth recovery , I am glad the situation is more promising!!!

So sorry Rob to hear about Keba's accident. Just looked at his photo, he looks well and quite happy. It's us who struggle with when there not well and always we blame ourselves:(( . I imagine, him being a young lad he will make a full recovery..... you yourself might take longer and I guess Keba will get lots of attention too :)) thinking of you and Keba

Hi i'm glad to hear Keba is home and things dont seem as bad as you first thought, i know what it is like to worry about a dogs health, they rearly are stronger then we think (",)

We are looking at a 2 month recovery period and need to check the splint weekly. No problem now but wait till a week is up. If the breaks were any lower it would have been pins for sure. He has a cone too to keep from chewing at it. We are not out of the woods but were very fortunate.

Just watch those collars.   The forget they are wearing it, come up behind you and wam, down you go, so beware.  The other problem I found was that they jarred themselves because they are wider than they would normally be and going through gaps can cause injury mainly because they don't slow down!.   Also his brother will be wary because it hurts when the collar makes contact. You'll manage though and the outcome will be 100%. 

Glad to hear the outcome looks positive, Rob.  I love the photo, too - he looks like he's about to put you through your paces, though.  "Bring me food, slave!  Now water!  Now entertain me!"

Great to hear that and hope he's fit and well soon.

Too right, first class service NOW!!!! 

I agree with the others Rob, Do Not give that dog a bell...ring ring!!! Lol. Sorry to hear about the accident and from a nurse's point of view, (and with our wet, muddy Ohio weather), I'd try putting a plastic bag over splint with a sock over that when going out to potty. You may already be doing that. Good Luck :)

Ps....I didn't mean to "favorite" this sad post, I'm on my kindle and my finger bumps them! Grrrrr ........

That's OK, I'm using my phone. We are better off with this stuff why?




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