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I was unloading firewood from a wagon and the fellas were romping till I heard this God awful yelping and a big lunker had rolled off without me even knowing and also unbeknownst is Keba was right there. I knew it was bad right away and took him to a 24/7 emergency care. Xrays show all 4 metetarsals on the right rear are broken. I left him overnight to stabilize with pain meds and then a surgeon consult tomorrow morning. They suspect he needs pins and the cost is going to be astronomical. I of course have to do it because he is only 2. I'm sick to my stomach. I mean, it was purely an accident. The log just shifted and fell and I thought the boy was out back. My dogs are everything to me and I am of course blaming myself. Just looking for some shoulders to cry on. I won't get him back til Wednesday and of course Rooker is being spoiled rotten tonight. Anyone ever see similar breaks.

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Crossword puzzles! That's hilarious! For heaven's sake don't let him watch the news! :( Maybe another evening of National Lampoons Christmas will cheer him up :)

Great, 7 weeks sounds so much better than 8!!   To pass the time for him you could try him with a feed ball.   Instead of giving his bowl of food, assuming it is dry kibble of course!, put it into the ball which has holes where the food falls out as it is turned.  Shouldn't get him too excited but will occupy the brain for a bit (er hopefully!!!).    Also do you have access to stag horns because i have found them to be very successful for occupying a bored dog.   They dont appear to chip whilst the dogs are gnawing them so might be worth a go.

My cocker puppy had a new duvet last week too, very good value because now it's become a hundred duvets spread all over the snug floor.   She thought she was so clever, it took me a while to register why she kept visiting me in the kitchen and then the penny dropped.   She thinks it's amazing but I won't tell you what I think.

Re Scottish weather, we've had sun today for the first time in 10 days, it's wonderful, so good for the spirits.  Seemingly we are due a metre of snow during next week and whilst the skiers up at Glenshee can't wait for more, the slopes there have been open for about a month now, I'm not so sure.  Because I'm a fossil I don't why we've suddenly gone itallic but hey ho..... such is life.

Look forward to hearing vets comments on Monday meantime take it steady.


Georgina, I'm not sure about Rob's weather in NY but we FINALLY had a sunny day ourselves. We were contemplating whether to start on an ark or not! On the plus side, the Koi pond looks great! Ps...dream of visiting Scotland, it's part of my heritage. My maiden name is Veatch.

It's a magical place so don't delay too long.   Something about the light and the air, the scenery, whether bathed in rain or sun is stunning but best of all is when the mist is hanging you have to see it to know what I mean.  I started life in Australia and have been travelling North ever since and I think I've found somewhere wonderful.   Parts of England also needed Arks these last few weeks and to hear some of the stories on the news is so sad.  I always wonder happens to rabbits and guinea pigs etc that live outside when this sort of event occurs because it seems that it happens without warning and no time to think.   Hope the koi stay in the pond, my friend found hers by the gate because it flooded, she managed to saved some so she has altered it to avoid a repeat.

Anyway I'm rambling so I'll go before you drop off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The children and I came over in '02 with my aunts(who had been to Scotland) and spent the first week in the Lake District, with every intention of crossing into Scotland for a day or two. I'm afraid that having hit the ground running upon landing, once Tuesday rolled around the children conducted a coup de ta. They revolted at the thought of a 5 hour car ride to visit yet another quaint village and abbeys! We did get to stomp around Yorkshire, James Herriot country as well Beatrix Potter territory in the Lake District. The kids were 15,15,(my son's best friend came along because as he said "I'm not going to England with 3women and a child!")and 11(my daughter, his sister, "the child"!)

The second week was on the border of Cornwall/Devon, with a stop over in Wales.

We'll come over soon hopefully, especially since my husband and I watch The Monarch Of The Glen and Hamish MacBeth re-runs all the time! Lol

Monarch of the Glen is a bit romantisised but the filming took place not far from where I live so you'll know why I love the place so much.   There are many beautiful parts of the world I guess so maybe I shouldn't be so blinkered.   Really I'm happy wherever I am so long as I have dogs around me!

Maybe the next time you will be able to spoil yourself and come to Scotland and then you'll have done the four corners of the UK.   My main problem with holidays is leaving the dogs behind...... so unless I can take them I don't have them!!! 
















Hi Rob, was the vet happy with Keba's progress, hope so..  be good to know outcome

They made me leave him there and that was 9:30 this morning. It is now nearly 4p our time. The one vet said she didnt like the way the splint looked but she wasnt the treating vet. I'm ready to loose my few remaining faculties. I hope they call soon.

Oh, that's difficult and distressing for you but hold it together he will be ok.  They are being sensible in doing a proper check on him and get the best outcome for him.

Let me know

Hi Georgina
This is what we know. So far so good but along way to go. They did not do xrays this time but as I said prior, due to location of the breaks because they can't pin, they would fuse the ankle. Not what I wanted to hear. They want to change the splint weekly because of pressure points. This is starting to get very expensive, tedious and draining but he's my boy. They love how sweet and well behaved he is. We just have to carry on.
How did you go from Australia to Scotland? How long ago?

oh no.. keep us posted....

Mmm, not what I would not for him either but maybe as it mends he could go to physio where they could offer swimming so that he could flex the joint.  I see what they mean about pressure points because if he developed one that would be a major discomfort for him to bear and would possibly introduce infection.    I know what you mean about the expense, I'm a real skinflint when it comes to myself and needs but blow a fortune on the dogs.   We have a saying here, penny pinching, pound foolish!    Well, he is an Irish Setter, and from the photos he is a noble beast so of course he is going to be gentlemanly and kind.  He has a lovely life with people who love him so he's going to be brave when having horrible things done to him.   Shoulders back, chin up and it won't be long before he is back to normal and because he is young he will soon forget.

My grandfather, in his day, was a famous explorer and adventurer and the BBC did a programme called This is Your Life and grandpa was one of the first guests.   We were in Australia at the time and my father came back to the UK to take part in the show.   He had been flying for an Australian airline at the time.  He was offered a job by the BBC so decided stay and we followed on a few months later.  We had a gorgeous cocker at the time and when the return was booked and my mother asked what accommodation was available for the dog, the captain told my mother that no dogs were allowed so she promptly told him "No dawgs sir, no passengers"!!!!  in her imperious English way.  Needless to say he gave in and Daniel had a wonderful time on the ship.  He spent quite a lot of time on deck with us and he was much admired he had to go into quarantine for 6 months and that was awful.  We only visited him once because my father couldn't take Daniel's bewildered,mournful little face.  He'd travelled across Australia with us constantly and was a very loyal dog.

My ex and I used to visit a friend up in Scotland and when we split up  I didn't know whether to go back to Australia or Scotland and the rest is history.  I love it up here as do the dogs..

Have you spent all of your time in the States??  I appreciate hearing how Keba's doing.




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