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If you post on this site - PLEASE READ

The amount of complaints about the tone of the posts on this site has reached record proportion. 

People complain that I banned their friends.

People complain that I haven’t banned others.

There have been multiple instances where Person A complains about Person B and Person B complains about Person A.

People have threatened to leave if I don’t do something.  (Given the amount I use this site, you would think people would realize that statement doesn’t have a whole lot of sway with me since I am paying to keep a site alive I don’t even use.)

I understand that people can be rude since that is the main reason I stopped using this site myself.  I would ask anyone who posts and participates on the site to do two things:

1. Before you post something, please review the content of your post and make sure it does not attack or insult another member in any way, shape, or form…unless you don’t value your membership and wish to go out in a blaze of glory.

2. If you read a post that you disagree with, please realize there’s a reason that Baskin-Robbins makes 31 flavors of ice cream.  Remember opinions are like ‘you know what’, everybody has one.

This is NOT to suggest I don’t want to hear about spammers, inappropriate, insulting, or vulgar posts.  I think we want civil, open discussion with sharing knowledge and ideas but we will not tolerate trolls.

I am pushing Ning to provide voting buttons where the Community could vote down posts from any trolls and once they hit a certain number, we would ban them.  Until then, I ask that everyone play nice.  Thanks in advance for your support!

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Hello Beau ..

This is so true...after reading all comments i was planning to write : if we behave like our setters there would not be anny problem at all ...




Oh yes if the dogs could type, all would be written with hummer laughter and that lovely 'Irish twinkle in the eye' and it would all be a great game to them...

You are so rite Susan they need to learn to type a little bit better, believe me mine do try...

Only time will tell if this discussion continues to be as 'good natured' as it has been so far....I for one have enjoyed it...and have never wanted to 'point and fingers' at anyone...sorry if anyone thinks that I have...

No one thinks you have, Dee.

Hobson is lying beside me with his paw on my foot right now. I have been telling him about what has been happening on ES. Hobson is a wise old soul. He understands everything I say. Hobson asked me to write that he wishes he could talk to all the Setters around the world, including the ones without spots, to shake their humans up so that Gene comes back to the site again. Gene's Setters have been very sick so he certainly does not need extra worry from silly human beings.

OMG I didn't know that....I hope that all gets better with his 'kids' 'we' all here will be thinking of him and 'his' and yes Hobson is wise (as all dogs are spots or no spots, my kids do try to get spots..its called mud) you will have to let him try the computer keybourd...I am sure that he could tell us a thing or two..my kids...sitting next to me on the settee...but I only have a 'laptop' still they do try typing...

Hi Dee. You say if only dogs could type! My dog has a facebook page and he can type quite well. Andy

Funny! Pitanga and Romã also have their own page! They are good typers, the choose very wisely their photos and even do some work in favor of their breed. Just the other day, they helped finding a new family for a red young boy!

I wonder if our dogs are FB friends? =)

While a relatively new member, I have found this site a pleasure and find the exchange of information and ideas on the Forums rewarding, thus I have encouraged other south Africans to join.  In a nutshell, contributors need to have mutual respect and exercise good manners towards one another.  Those who want to behave differently should just be ignored they do not merit attention and will probably quickly lose interest when they find they are not getting a reaction and leave. Thank you Gene for instituting this site, I hope to spend many more hours of enjoyment with members.

Andy glad your dog has its own page on Facebook I would never get mine off the computer if they had their own page....but perhaps that is better than having them ''cannonballing''  themselves off the settees..lol

And Bridget....yes agree with every word...perhaps it may well be a good one to try...and me too ''thank you again Gene'' and please come back into the 'conversations' and when/if something goes wrong just ignor...as you say Bridget it all has to do with respect...we should all have respect for each other...and if all the Forums could be like this one then we wouldn't need a 'censer button'

I have read through all your interesting posts and after the initial "it wasn't me guv it was her/him" when in reality we have all been guilty of going over the top and misunderstanding each other and taking umbrage, it has settled into lighthearted banter.  There are, however, a few points that I would like to flag up. 

Firstly bullying.  I don't think anyone has been bullied on this site.  I think many of us, including myself, have been hurt and also insulted and have had two courses of action open to us.......either stand and fight or ignore and move on.  I have done both, and not always successfully.    However I do think we have to be very careful here because a reverse psychology can come into effect where members could feel intimidated out of posting for fear of being called a bully.  Please beware vigilantism.  It wouldn't concern me because I have been called far worse, but it could concern many others.

Secondly, I would like to share with you a dilemma I have.  If I agree with someone then I will say so, regardless of who it is.  However there are certain members on this site who would sooner take poison then agree with me.  May I give you an example.  I can post a comment and there is stoney silence.  Someone else can post exactly the same comment, almost word for word, and these members immediatly spring into action with total agreement.  How can that be?  Are we not all equal?  Would you not agree with the comment, regardless who the author would be?   This is not paranoia but it is amusing.

Thirdly I do, in fact, agree with Dee and Sara about censor buttons.  If they work in the same way as the star rating on photographs then I believe, as do Dee and Sara, that they can be open to abuse.  I have had many a star rating reduced.  I would never do it myself as I believe it is discourteous to the poster.  If you like the photograph or the subject you wack in 5 stars or you pass a comment, if you don't then why can you not just move onto the next photograph?   Works for me and for the same reason I would never use a censor button.   


Your good nature is shinning through.

 A breeder here has a lovely dog called Hugo. He has his own web page and a new photo for the week on his breeders. He is such a star he tries to get into garden shots when he really shouldn't. 

His breeder's website keeps us all informed of show results, celebrates new champions and so much more. It is another site that wins hands down over the television.


Perhaps I should give Fin his own site...he is big headed enough...mind you it is probably me, and his mum, telling him that he is very beautiful all the time....but what he types is usually gobledegook...


See he can't type....lol...;o) strange thing is...my spell check says that everything here is spelled correctly...so perhaps it is just me that thinks its he can't type....ha ha

Dee....you are a tonic!

I see you are from Scotland, that explains it .........great sense of humour, helpful and friendly.





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