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In all varieties of Setters we have seen many imports coming into Australia from all over the world. 
Sally Underwood maintains an extensive data base for Irish Setters .
I wonder if anyone has such data base for English Setters imported into Australia in the last few decades?
Frozen semen has been used  successfully in Irish and Gordons but I don't believe there has been an English Setter  litter sired here by frozen semen
I  imported two from England both Iroquois breeding.
Iroquois Silver Charm and Iroquois Sparrowhawk.

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Sadly we a way behind NZ and have to pay for a search of our data.No access at all for members.:( 

Hi, I would try the UK Kennel Club, they must have data that would be of use to you.   I would think that export of semen would be strictly monitored and they must have some input.   Also Bournehouse (Penny Williams) being one of the major breeders of English in this country would surely be able to help in your quest. 




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