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Bess is a seven month old Irish Setter. She's the first Irish I've owned, but I've previously had an English Setter, a Great Dane and a Cocker Spaniel. She's also the first bitch I've had, and I'm finding that challenging.

I'm trying to show her but having lots of problems with her stand, even though we go to ringcraft weekly. There are, apparently, far more exciting things to do than stand still!

Looking forward to chatting on this forum.

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Hi Trish, welcome to ES from me and my three girls, great place to get lots of help if you need. Think you will

find everyone friendly and helpfull. Enjoy

Thanks for the welcome!

Hi Trish, welcome to the site!!! and welcome to the world of the irish!! I am no expert but sounds about right for the age of your girl lol!! I have three boys, the yungest of which is only 15 weeks so am sure iI will be in a similar position soon!! I'm wondering what they do to help you at ringcraft though? There are many experts on here who, I am sure, will be able to help. Enjoy the site xx

At Ringcraft we practice 'standing', and then having a 'judge' go over the dog, and then do the triangles and the up and down.  Only problem is that no one knows Irish, so cannot help me stack her correctly.  At the moment we're just trying to concentrate on getting her to stand still!  She's also bad at letting anyone see her teeth, so again the practice there is good.

I have been taught about controlling her when she wants to run on 2 legs not four!  :0) 

Still it's all good fun.  At her first Open show she was extremely embaressing and gave the ringside audience a good laugh.  At her second yesterday she was in a junior class as there were no puppy classes, so was aup against dogs a lot older.  She came 3rd out of 3, but I was pleased as she was 100% improved on her first show.   

Welcome Trish and Bess. Life is very interesting for an Irish especially at 7 months. Good luck with her training and enjoy your Irish girl.

Life certainly is very interesting!  Especially chasing seagulls over the low tide mud and pigeons on the ploughed fields.  But she does seem to come back - even though she's giving me heart attack at how far and how fast she runs! 




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