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Introducing our long awaited IRWS, Caispern Minnihoma 'Poppy'

Well, as many of you will know, I have been after an IRWS bitch for a while and thanks to the power of ES and Gaye O'Connor, a couple of weeks ago we finally got little Poppy.


She's a nervous little thing in new situations but around the house she's an absolute delight! The children love her and our eldest dog adores her. Darcey has taken a little while to warm to her but I think she's a bit put out now she's not the only setter in the house! :D

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We don't have any issues in the house and whenever we introduce her to anyone new, I tell them to speak to her in a high pitched excitable voice. I think they think I'm mad but it eases her and lets her know there's nothing to be affraid of.
Bess carried on weeing submissively or in excitement for a long long time.  My 20 year old son was the worst culprit as he knew how to wind her up whenever he came home...!!  Despite this, she is a well balanced happy bitch, so certainly no long term damage caused by his immaturity......lol The same can't be said for the lounge carpet though!!

It seems to be a red and white thing. I have 4 and 3 of them did it. As you say best ignore it and when you see her about to squat just give her a gentle push sideways on the shoulder and put her off balance dont say anything though, then carry on as normal.

Hope this helps Mary

Bella never wet her bed once as a pup, pretty much fully housetrained within about 3 weeks, but did excited wees until she was about a year old.  It was only ever if someone came to the house that she was beyond excited to see and she seemed to be almost oblivious to the fact she had done it so I quickly learned that Bella greeted people outside and it was no drama.  Then all of a sudden it stopped so I really wouldn't worry about it at this point.  Bella is a more submissive girl than others and has some random moments of timidness which puzzle me on occassion but at only 2 I guess she is still working the world out.
p.s. she is gorgeous looking you lucky thing.

Poppy is mainly when nervous. I've told people that when they come into the house - and they don't know her - to just completely ignore her and avoid eye contact. I know that sounds really cruel but then she can just go to them when she feels comfortable. This seems to be working so fingers crossed.


We've got workman coming in a couple of weeks so hopefully that won't scare her too much.


As I said though, she does seem to be improving on a daily basis.

Emma, don't stress <g> 

 Stay calm and quiet and gentle.  Totally ignore the 'bad' stuff - unless it's doing something dangerous! and praise good stuff (without hype, tho'!)  Take Poppy to as many places you can and ask people not to overwhelm her with fuss until she has got used to them.

She'll soon grow out of this wariness.


Excellent advice Finn, and we always labor these points on the first week of our puppy courses. Also when you have more than one dog at home, it is soooooooooooooo important that the new pup is taken out separately from the older dogs so that it starts to build up its own confidence.  DaisyMae was a very spooky puppy to start off with, but I followed my own advice and took her out lots on her own, as well as with the other two, and now she is a very confident young lady who is only occasionally spooked.   With puppies who continue to remain nervous beyond this, I always check diet, if that's not an issue, I send owners off to the vets. Usually something is picked up on, from very mild issues, to recently something more serious in the case of a Dalmatian pup.

She's certainly settling now, I took her everyday at home time - to school - and I think the hustle and bustle really helped.


We had builders in on Wednesday and she just barked at them, with I was pleased about as none of the others bark, well, Darcey does a royal woof which wouldn't scare anyone off!


Next thing to tacke will be fireworks but hopefully she'll be fine with those.




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