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I live in North Hampshire UK my groomer is retiring and I will be in need of a professional groomer for my boy is there anyone out there in my area?

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I use Shampoo and Setters in  Poole Dorset

01202 731661

Probably too far for you.  She shows her dogs so is excellent at grooming the irish setter.

Good luck


Thank you Sue for your suggestion, it is quite a way to travel but that area is one we enjoy visiting for a day out so could be a possibility.
I live near Romsey and groom my Setters myself for shows ! I can show you how to do it yourself, it is very easy !
Wish I lived near to you Catherine I could do with a leson myself, it,s the neck I'm just worried i'll make a mess of it (",)
Have you got thinning scissors? They are best for the neck and under the ears.
I have thinning scissors I do manage his ears it's just his neck that worres me, there seems to be lots of fur hanging over his collar at times (",)
Thank you Catherine for your offer. Bracken is a very heavy coated boy and not keen on having his feet trimmed especially the front ones. But the big problem at the moment is due to my back/hip problem, so I am not as flexible as I would like.
In the past I trimmed my two bitches but their coats were much easier to manage and they enjoyed the attention.

I will post a photo of Bracken for your comments.
I think it would be easier if somebody can hold the dog in a stance similar to a show stance , especially holding the head and you running thinning scissors downward , starting under the ear and all the way to the chest bone in a v shape....it is difficult to explain in writing. For the feet, I find it is easier if the dog is lying down and somebody is distracting them with tit bits while you are trimming the feet. I think there are videos on YouTube showing on how to do it. It is best to trim little at a time rather then too much! You can also do it in several sessions not to annoy the dog too much! :-)




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