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I have owned setters for more than 30 years now, I have only ever had them as family pets and very much loved.

My dogs are as happy and healthy as anyone elses except maybe not as well groomed lol.

As long as a dog is loved and cared for well isn't that all that matters?

I admire those who show but that is not for me........does this make me a bad owner or simply someone who loves the bred and company of setters as a family member?

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I have had Setters for over 30 years too.  Mine do obedience and agility but purely for the fun and social side of it.  They are pets first and anything else is a bonus.

LOL Mary  it makes you a "god send"!!

A loving per home where a dog is a dog os something tat many many breeders of puppies are looking for.

Keep up te good work  <g>


Just out of curiousity.... what do you do with your setters. They are defo dogs that need lots of mental stimultation so what do you get up to?

Hi Mary

I have lived with dogs and other companion animals all my life. I have always looked upon my animal companions as my “special children”. I always put their needs ahead of my own, bearing in mind that I also have to look after myself to look after them. Throughout my life I have purchased and rescued many dogs and horses, some purebred English Setters and purebred Arabian horses, some cross-breeds. Some have had impressive pedigrees. I have chosen not to be a breeder of horses or dogs. This does not negate in any way the knowledge I have accumulated throughout my life. I understand the pride a breeder or a non-breeder would feel if their dog won Best in Show. However, I believe a good breeder is defined by the overall quality of every puppy in the litter. I have shown/tried to show several of my English Setters and one of my Arabian horses. I will leave my showing experience at that. I have always been one to research and to question. For instance, at my first riding lesson, I asked my teacher why you needed a saddle and a bit to control a horse and why you had to kick a horse to move. Fortunately my teacher genuinely loved horses and he allowed me to “find my own way”. I have attended many clinics run by international “horse and dog whisperers” and I have read widely but at the end of the day, I have made up my own mind, and my horses and my dogs have helped me to do this. I believe our animal companions are our "greatest teachers". Because my training views differ from the traditional, I now tend to avoid any type of horse or dog competitions. This does not mean that my animal children do not receive mental stimulation. I would willingly give my life for each and every one of my animal children so understandably I cannot comprehend how any dog or horse owner could re-home one of their pets. 

I hope I have given you some examples to make you feel better. Please remember there is no excuse for rudeness. It is best to ignore rude people but sometimes they do get under your skin. Susan.

wow......I love the way you think! you are truly 1 in a million

Mary I said thet I think we are very alike in the first reply to this discussion, after your last comment I believe I was right, as I decided a long time ago that Susan is 1 in a million and life hasn`t been that good to her. X

Dear Mary and Angela

Thank you very much for your kind words. You both relate to what I write and think and feel because we are all "kindred spirits". I am hated by many "dog lovers" because of my strong views concerning animals and my writing. Most of the time I ignore these human beings but sometimes they do get under my skin!

Hopefully in the not too distant future I will be able to visit ES more. I have a lot of important issues I am trying to sort out. Also, please say a prayer for my darling Hobson. He was starting to improve but I did a stupid thing and trusted a vet again who recommended a probiotic that has been much too strong for Hobson even though I gave Hobson a very low dosage. Fortunately I stopped the treatment but Hobson has now lost almost all his coat and at the moment he looks like a skeleton on 4 hairless and chewed legs. I have been incredibly worried about him but today, he seems a little better. Hobson knows how much his mum loves him and our girl, Misty helps too because she is so loving and affectionate. Hopefully Hobson will pick up again very soon.

Take good care of yourselves and all your beautiful animal children.

Susan xxxx




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