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Hi friends,

Tomorrow I have to take Elsa to the vets, I have not been since the day I took Abbie for the last time.

Has anyone had the problem that I am having, it is very hard for me to go but I have been putting it off and nead to get her checked. A friend of mine changed her vet purely for this reason,  I trust my vet so don't want to change, so brave I shall be although I have butterflies already.

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Hi Angela, I really feel for you...it is very hard....strangely I have little problem going back to our local vet branch but Merlin was taken very ill last week and we had to take him to their "hospital" branch and I can't tell you how upsetting that was as we had Jack put to sleep there, nearly two years ago now but still those memories came up and smacked me in the face, my brain started to re run the whole scenario...however.....I think we just have to grit our teeth and do it for the sake of our other beloved dogs..do you have someone who could go with you maybe, for moral support? Merlin, by the way, thankfully has recovered and is now back with us at home xxx

Thank you Christine

I am hoping that the vet is in a different examination room to where I said good bye to Abbie only four months ago. A good friend is taking me she has springers and had dogs all her life and is a good friend,  I am also worried about Elsa which doesn't help, thanks for your support and yes we must look after our other dogs and put aside our flashbacks,  let you know how I get on.

Oh Angela..I hope all goes well and that Elsa gets whatever treatment she needs to make her well.

I don't have any problems at the vets nowadays. I sometimes think about Pippin's caesarian when we go near what used to be the operating room, and I was a bit upset when the surgery moved from one building to what used to be the vet's house, and the original building was pulled down, as our first boy was euthanased in the waiting room, and I always felt close to him there! I even remembered the exact spot...all gone now.

I have places in the lounge, kitchen and in our bedroom at home. where we have had boys put to sleep so its all around us...can't avoid it, so its all part of our memories of them and funnily enough feels comforting too!

good luck tomorrow with Elsa.

Hi Angela, I would phone the vet and ask if it is possible to use another examinaton room. I had to put to sleep over the years several dogs and I always changed the vet after that, just realised I did that some years ago, something I did not with rational thinking, I just did and realised the pattern later. The last dog I had to say good-bye was at an emergency vet, so I will stay at my usual vet- but in your case, if you trust your vet I would not change him, it will be weird but your focus will be on Elsa& the worst visit there will be the first afterwards it will be easier. I suppose it is also not an easy task for a vet to put a dog to sleep and it would be nice for them to greet a new healthy pup with a bright future ahead- well theoretically, I never managed that in reality...

I am so pleased that I am part of this friendship site, because that is what it is. I feel easier, if only a little after reading your replies.I don't want to say at this stage Elsa`s problem, as I would rather not speculate I always fear the worst.Thank you good friends, I shall let you know how it goes X

Well back from the vets, so pleased that I made myself go back to my trusted vet. Elsa has lumps around 2 of her nipples so you understand my worry, the vet thinks it can be rectified with medication after giving her a full health check so has a weeks supply.  The vet can't rule out removal at this time but said her coat was fantastic and she looks so healthy that she is confident surgery should not be necessary, see what happens in the next week.

Thank you all for your support :)

Dear Angela

I was typing a response for you and I just see your update! So brave  you went through this painful visit, and I hope everything will sort out well with Elsa. I dont have this experience since my past dogs were in Italy, and not in the uk were I leave, but I can imagine how sad is to go again through the same room and memories.. How glad you did in the end, and a big cuddle to Elsa. 

Glad everything is well with Elsa, I was worried about taking Finlay back to where Paddy had passed away, but Finlay was just a puppy and they all made such a fuss it took my mind off things, I've since changed vets but that's another story (",)

Hi Angela

When I was a teenager, I couldn't even walk past the vet surgery where my first dog was pts and walked a back way home to avoid seeing the vets. It took a long time before I could walk by the place again.  I had problems too when I have had to go back to the same vets where Lotte and Nalle were pts. The vets were great initially and allowed me to have my consults in another room, but eventually I took the step and went in that room when I felt  I was ready.  I said a little prayer to them as I went in but that room will always feel strange.  I know a number of people who have felt the same way too. Some people do have to change vets, but round here you could end up with a bad vet, therefore it was not possible for me to do that. I find it helped just having a little chat in my head with my oldies as I went into the room and to tell them how much I love them and miss  them, but that's just my way of coping x

Hi Angela, I'm happy you managed returning to the clinic. It's kind of odd I guess but the clinic where many we have said our last goodbyes to our furbabies has been our daughters work. I actually feel there presence when there (in a happy way) must be there spirits :o)) I can say this though....I've attended our AEC and naturally all have been an emergency situation or else we wouldn't have attended. My daughter and myself took our very much loved Shelby early hours of Monday morning to AEC for what we felt wasn't too life threatening. I can't believe I'm writing these words but our Shelby's life ended on Monday morning....in so much shock and so numb. Angela, I will now always feel a strong loss at our animal emergency and dread the day I need to return! But loving furbabies comes at a price and I know I will have to return one day...they are a wonderful dedicated team of caring professionals.
I'm so very pleased your Elsa is all ok :o) take care x

Dianne I'm so sorry to hear about Shelby. My thoughts are with you...x

Oh Dianne I am so very sorry to read about your loss. It is so unbelievably painful and my thoughts are with you and your family.

Thank you for your replie to my post, I didn't realise there were others who felt like me thought I was being silly. Thank you all for your replies,  Elsa has been on anti inflammatory s for 4 days I think I can say there is a little reduction in her swelling but not as much as I hoped, see what happens between now and Monday when I return to the vets. ♡




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