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Hi friends,

Tomorrow I have to take Elsa to the vets, I have not been since the day I took Abbie for the last time.

Has anyone had the problem that I am having, it is very hard for me to go but I have been putting it off and nead to get her checked. A friend of mine changed her vet purely for this reason,  I trust my vet so don't want to change, so brave I shall be although I have butterflies already.

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Back to the vet today, not good news. Elsa`s lumps have not responded to the meds as well as the vet hoped, so tomorrow they are going to remove one for biopsy. I am so worried just can't believe this baby can have much wrong with her she is such a treasure and so happy and energetic. It`s going to be a long few days till we get the results.The vet said it could be related to her season, but there is no signs of her second season fingers and paws tightly crossed. <:0(

Hi Angela, I do not believe in coincidences. Has the vet considered that these lumps may have resulted from the 5 day course of Galastop he prescribed for Elsa re your topic on her Phantom Pregnancy? A biopsy is an invasive procedure and should only be performed as a last resort. I am hoping the Galastrop is not a hormone type drug.

I cannot comment on the topic Never Ending Problems because I feel so upset right now.

Hobson has also had another setback. I came home from work on Friday to find him in a terrible state. He had hurt his neck again and his left front leg. He did not eat for 3 days. In my desperation I drove to Brisbane for Hobson to receive treatment from a Bowen Therapist I do not know. She believes Hobson has torn the muscle connecting his shoulder to his neck. He is so thin and frail now I can carry him. All of Hobson's health problems have been caused by vets and probiotics have caused him more harm than good. In my distress I had forgotten that acupuncture can restore the life force and enable the body to heal itself. I am now trying to find an acupuncturist who treats animals who has the right intention. Hobson's life force is very low.

I sincerely hope your vet has explored all the options for Elsa.

Dianne, you know how I feel about Shelby.

Susan xxxxx

Thank you so very much Sue for your thoughts.....Our Shelby didn't want the cancer to be her taker or for us to have the heart wrenching dession. X
angela my heart is with you.... try to get over these days and i really hope the results will be what we all want.. a huge cuddle to elsa from oberon.

I have been quiet for a few days,. So sorry Susan to read about Hobson, but if anyone can bring his health to a better standard its YOU. To answer your concern over the galostop no it is not hormone based, but you have made a valid point about the conection. Anyway Elsa had one lump removed for biopsy on Tuesday, now because of Easter we have to wait until next Tuesday for the results although my vet said he was not concerned to much when he saw the lump after he removed it.

My biggest problem at this time is trying to stop her running like a mad thing, she is so energetic and hates to have only short lead walks. Thank you all for your comments and I shall let you know the results X

Sounds all good for your Irish girl Elsa...., Angela. I will keep fingers and our furkids there Paws crossed :o) Take Care. X

Susan....thank you for all the support with our Shell Bells sudden passing, it feels like when I lost my dad very suddenly...so, so hard. So many, many whys!!! I'm always thinking of yourself and your precious boy Hobson and pray hard that he defies the odds....with you as he's saviour I'm sure he will. Stay strong and take good care of yourself too. :o)) x




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