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Got back from a wet but lovely walk with the girls, mini pup brought me a cuddly toy and they all went to sleep on the floor.

Going through this sight I was thinking how - when I was considering geting another irish, I wondered if I could love another dog as much as I love my Abbie.

I love my dogs more than anything in the world equaly, and I would like to thank all their breeders for trusting me with their beautiful pups.( just having a soppy moment ) <:0)

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Hard to beat the emotion that they bring out in us, Angela!

Hooked on Irish. I love that feeling.

There is no other breed on the planet that can even come close to our Irish.

Enjoy your soppy moments.....your not alone :))

There is these moments, when you look at your dog(s) and suddenly your heart feels like it wants to grow three sizes bigger this instant.

Soppy moments they may be - but moments to be thankful for nonetheless.


Beautiful dogs. Worth getting soppy over!

I understand that feeling very well ....




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