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The Gordon Setter breeders seem to be working out a sensible strategy, accepting they will have to use carriers in their breeding, otherwise they will lose too much of their gene pool, but by breeding clear to carrier, and testing the progeny,they can gradually reduce the number of carriers, and eliminate affected dogs

They are NOT asking the KC to stop registering the progeny of carriers

The important thing is to test all the dogs so their clear/carrier/affected status is known before making breeding choices

Must be me being thick but I've been on the AHT site and still can't find it? Could you tell me exactly where it is?
animal health trust rosemary dna testing page
Please see latest announcement from AHT on www.seisc.co.uk regarding PRA-rcd4 and test availability

Thank you, Gillian!


I've also attached the text as a file.

Thankyou Susan - good idea.




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