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london (and elsewhere??) crazy dog groomers..


I have just seen this article in time out london.. I couldnt believe my eyes!!! ~300£ for 4h of spa in harrods???

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My 2 boys get a bucket of luke warm water and a hose pipe shower. I deduct my charges from their biscuit ration :-)

indeed!!! I go with oberon in the shower in our bathroom. i wear a T-shirt and we do a shower together.. well, we share some conditioner when there is a bit of mud under harms or ears ;)

The only thing i like about Harrods is the food hall.

The pet section is ridiculous .

but people pay for it

i knew someone who had a made to measure dog coat [for a Yorkie] made in Harrods

I have a wonderful dog groomer in Stroud for when I'm visiting my parents. I work my visits to them around when Harley needs a groom, she really is absolutely fantastic! She trims and thins his coat and spends a good two hours on him, nearer three hours a lot of the time and he comes out looking like a superstar for the princely sum of £30.

His coat stays smart and nice looking for two - three months before his trim grows out and he starts to look scruffy again. She really is fantastic and spends the time on the dog as well as loving the dogs she grooms. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone. She was a God-send in the recent heat wave as Harley was really suffering and she thinned his coat out and really did a good job to help keep him cool.

Absolutely no way would I pay £300 for a flipping dog spa! That's half of what Harley cost me! *shocked face*

Oh how I wish I could find a good groomer......... I have used only two groomers, the first did the nails nice but the paw fur was a bit chopy and the setter was all fluffed up and looked like an overgrown Pomeraniam. The second trimmed the feathers to about one inch, and trimmed around the back legs with a razor and up the back legs around her btm. I cryed and that was the last grooming apart from what I do !!!!!!

hi angela

i am not sure because we use a very dog friendly place, near our house.. we visit twice/three times per year but i never ask a full grooming. They do : paws (under and between fingers), ears (just a natural look, not too much stripping), brushing and cleaning all mat around under harms etc, nail clipping, ears cleaning, teeth cleaning and anal gland plus bath and conditioner for around 40£.. the only thing we are concern about is having the paws/ears cleaned by long hairs, so it is easier to inspect them, but i wouldnt cut other parts, since Oberon is not for show so we are happy with a natural look.. but they are fantastic !! XX

Thank you Silvia for your reply, Sofie`s fur on her back legs has never been the same since her close shave. Her fur came back so fluffy and the colour is not so rich, now somthing does nead to be done to that area as she always looks scruffy. If Harrods could sort this out forever then yes I would pay the price, but only once <:0)




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