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Hello all.

Lucy is now 13. Blind and deaf. no longer goes for walks as she falls over alot. sleeps all day.

she will bark at night if she needs to go out.  still eating and drinking well.

My main concern is her happiness and quality of life. Very disorientated when she does wake up.

Same question as before-do I wait for something major to happen before saying goodbye or is it kinder to not allow something major to happen?

would appreciate any help and advise at this tough time

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Hi Claire,

I'm really sorry you are going trough this hard times with your old girl, and I wish I could give you good advice or an easy way to decide, but unfortunately there is no such thing.

What I can tell you is that you seem to be aware of your girls troubles and know her very well, so she'll be the one to tell you when the time is right. You need to consider all aspects here... Even though she is disoriented when she wakes up, does she still have lucid moments? is there still joy in her life? Is she in any kind of pain right now? 

I'm sure there are many more questions you are asking yourself before making this decision, but you'll be the very best person to judge if she is happy and how much she is enjoying her life.

I'm not inclined to let my pets suffer, but everytime I had t make the hard decision, they were the ones to tell me when they had enough.

I really hope you can make the best choice for you and your girl.

Hi Claire, I am so sorry you are struggling with this very difficult dilema...I do agree with everything that Teresa and Sue have said, YOU are the one who knows Lucy best and I think you will know intutively when the time is right. I can only speak from my own recent experience and say that my husband and i agreed that when Jack started to suffer THAT would be the time to take action, and that is what we did...ours was certainly more clear cut than your situation but I do feel  for you, just trust your instincts on the quality of life that Lucy has xx

Hi Claire,

I am sorry that you  have to  face an uncertain future with Lucy.

I think you will know when she has had enough,if she is happy, despite her handicaps, then life is still good for her. I know when we had a dog with Cushings and she was deteriorating it was very difficult to know what to do but one day she suddenly became terrified of us and of everything and we knew that it was time to say goodbye.It was, as it is for all of us,a very hard thing to do.

As the others have said only you will know.

I am thinking of you.

thank you so much for your kind words.  Suffering in any shape or form would be heartbreaking for me to watch. I think if she could hear me it would be easier as she talks back! 

Claire I am so sorry you are going through this worrying time with Lucy. I agree with what others have said here, she is your girl and you know her best. If you feel she has no enjoyment in life then you will be the one to make that final decision for her, as hard as it is. When my old lady Shannon was in her final months I spent weeks asking myself when the time had come to let her go. She deteriorated slowly over months without a sudden clear moment where I Knew: this is it. It is a terrible decision to make and looking back I feel I should have made it sooner. There comes a moment when they loose their dignity, Shannon lost the use of her hind legs and I would find her collapsed and panicking unable to get up. I kept her going a bit longer... but I think that was because I was not ready. But when are we ever?

Thinking of you in this hard time.


My heart goes out to you because I know only too well the emotions and heartbreak involved in making one of the hardest decisions we ever have to make.

When one of my old dogs was 'going down hill', I called the vet  to do the horrible deed, but I was not completely sure I was doing the right thing at the right time and I sent my vet away again.  I needed more time and just over a week later was that time.  Don't rush into anything, give your old girl heaps of love and attention (Im sure you do already) and when the time is right and not before, you will have the strength to do what's right by Lucy.

On a lighter note...one of my girls became deaf and almost completely blind by the time she was twelve.  She slept a lot too which is completely normal for old dogs.  She was a bit wobbly on her old pins but her character remained intact and she seemed very contented with life.  I tried to make every day a little bit special for her, a few tasty morsels and loads of hugs and kisses made her feel special.  She lived until she was 15 years old and when the day came to let her go, I had no doubts whatsoever that I was doing the right thing for her and she died peacefully in my arms at home.

Lucy's character still there! Accidentally left black bin bag around...you can imagine. She even looked guilty. Maybe I worry too much about her. Glad that I'm doing the same for Lucy as you did Torie. We have just 'us' time every night. Thanks for the kind, helpful words .

Yes, dithering not a good sign but everyones replies have given me hope that I am doing the right thing for Lucy during her senior years. Thanks

Now on our fifth setter....three others lived to 15 years of age.  All over a span of 39 years. Two still with me enjoying life.         If lucy still eats and drinks , she knows you are there for her, let her sleep a lot, let her be. When the time comes you will know and so will she.    Best wishes to you and Lucy.

Thank You Jacqui. ES is great for advice and Setter friendship. Lucy bashing into things today but with a wagging tail! She now thinks that I am the 'cooker hood'-she looks at that as me. Funny. Thanks for the post.

Thank you Mel. Lucy just been for a walk and didn't fall over once!!!

That's great news Claire....sometimes when we stop worrying quite so much, our dogs pick up on our lighter mood and their health improves too :))

Big hug to Lucy x




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