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The 25th Jansen & Jansen. 60 pages, in English and some attachments. an unique report about the actual Irish Setter population in the UK. 5 months work invested in this project. A tribute to Bill Rasbridge. read the interview by John Williams with him published in Our Dogs in 1984. His kennel is still in the lines! He said then with some pride: "Kevin is in the pedigree of every dog Irish Setter in this country and about 65 percent of his dogs being shown... today are descended from Joao in direct tail male". and yes he bred for good of the breed. testmating PRA! Do read that interview and your eyes will get open for someone who together with his wife spent so much time on our hobby and saved our breed from nightblindness. and yes there were a very few who didn't cooperate at that time. i know how he must have felt. it was a great honour to meet him for the first time at ascot, sept 1969.

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This is the first newsletter (english version). many of you are member on Facebook of the group Jansen & Jansen with news, photos of Irish Setters.
this maybe our next way of informing you about our breed.



An analysis of the present population

Two years ago I published the direct tail male and female lines of the breed in my country. And last summer I decided to do the same for the UK population. Intrigued by the AHT/KC bloat survey for the Irish Setters registered in the period from 2000. I am interested to know which cases of GDV they and I have of the dogs with GDV in that period. But as usual this is top secret.
For this edition of Jansen & Jansen I used the Kennel Club breed records from 2000 to 2014. I worked backwards from these litter combinations to the families. About 80 years ago Mr. W.J. Rasbridge wrote every year in Our Dogs about the direct tail lines of the challenge certificate winners in a year. Very interesting. He wrote in 1934 that it was of course impossible to work out the pedigree of every dog in the breed. In those years there were pens, card systems, typewriters. Now we have computers and with programs this can now be done. Excel is very useful. Excuses when there are (typing)errors in this magazine. I haven’t counted the number of names I have typed. But I like the result. it was very interesting to see what has happened in recent years. And I do hope that this can help to think about the problem, if it is the real breed problem, of those strong advices to broaden the diversity in a breed.
I have written it often and more than one time in this magazine. Do know the parents and the offspring. Know their virtues. But also the possible hereditary health problems. Do the DNA tests. And when there is not yet a DNA test available, then the unknown carriers are the problem. Openness! You may think there is no problem and then suddenly there it is. A 25% chance. Caused by a carrier x carrier combination. There are already a number of breeding rules to avoid INBREEDING. The choice of the stud dog to use is very important.
We must reckon with less registrations nowadays. The breed population gets smaller. And with how many of these was bred on? Why did breeders stop? Health reasons? Like epilepsy, bloat. Why do we sometimes miss winning dogs at shows. What happened over here with the many imports from the UK? Of course a reason can be that there is a breeding ban because of bad DNA test results.
In the tail female line overviews I have deleted the litters of the dams born in the years 2000 to 30-9-2007. Because the Kennel Club rule does not allow that a bitch is > 8 years when litter is born. And for a bitch a maximum of 4 litters is allowed. And it might be possible that a mentioned bitch did only throw dog puppies.
In this direct line overview I have not worked out the Field Trial litters. What struck me was that many of these litters produced often a very very small litter. 1 registered pup in a litter was no exemption.
Many writers copy without doing any checking. And that checking is so interesting to do. Nowadays we have many more possibilities via internet to search quickly. But then often it is disappointing to discover wrong names, wrong dates of birth, wrong parents.
Thanks, Mr. Jerold S. Bell, Gordon Setter breeder in the USA, for permission to reprint your recent interesting article.

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Hello Wilko, I would be interested to order a copy of "Irish Setter Population in the UK.

I am in the UK. How do I go about ordering and paying ? Thanks.

hi, just see it now.

the price is EURO € 10,00 plus postage € 6,00 (for International sendings)

you can pay by paypall : verkoop@malcompetsupplies.nl

the postage cost is for about 5 magazines. maybe there is another one you are interested in. the others cost € 5,00.

you can mail me wilko@malcompetsupplies.nl  the delivery address

thanks Wilko ! I will email you with my order.




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