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People have been so good about commenting on grooming advice, and I'm not sure how I hadn't noticed it...but Dougal has a clump of matted hair behind/under each ear. (I'm a bad Mommy). He's not too keen on me trying to comb them out naturally. I've tried using thinning shears, I'm ready to get the clippers and just buzz them and start over! What should I do?!?! Thanks all!

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I cut it all off - you can's see it anyway and it is only a place, where ticks can hide. But maybe that's not the best grooming advice...

Hi Kim, This is only my personal preference. I like to keep the area underneath the ears and the throat area very clean so I use clippers with a #10 blade. I make certain I do not use the clippers above the line formed by hair under the neck and that on top of the neck but if you do not clip the throat area you don’t have to worry about this. I agree with Cornelia .. cut it all off. Susan xx

Thank you, Cornelia and Susan! I knew you all would know what to do....and great advice about ticks!




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