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two female irws have been missing overnight ;one is the mother of a 20 day old litter ;they are missing from  Newton regis/tamworth area of staffordshire.

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Hope you find them soon.....you must be frantic


The link to the dogs lost poster


Please everybody share via facebook friends, twitter etc

Oh thats awful,i bet those poor pups are missing their mummy.hope they are home safe very soon  

Are they chipped ?

Yes, they are both chipped and both are wearing collars with tags.

Hope and pray there home soon.

PLEASE PLEASE let them be safe, do hope and pray they are reunited with you very soon, shared the link.

The latest report is that Mabel has been found following a road traffic accident with her front leg broken in four different places . She is at the vet now. No news yet on Winnifred .

I am going to bed tonight with a heavy heart. I do hope there is some better news on Winnifred by the morning. The weather in thet area is changing and very bad conditions are expected over the next 24 hours.  Come home safely sweetheart.

... lets hope for winnifred now... such a bad night, must be heartbreaking  for the owners.. yes, a very heavy heart from here as well.. 

It says "this dog reunited". Were they both recovered.
I lost one once that was not recovered 30 yrs ago and it still feels like yesterday. Still one of the worse memories of my entire life.
I hope both dogs were found.


eh no rob, not both were reunited.. this is the poster of winnifred, still missing..... so bad....




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