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two female irws have been missing overnight ;one is the mother of a 20 day old litter ;they are missing from  Newton regis/tamworth area of staffordshire.

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Not sure what time it was. I just thought I should copy the message and let you all know.


i really really hope it was winnie.. please keep us posted....

Come on Winnie!!!!!!

the dog hit by car was confirmed not to be her??

Mabel was hit by a car. Operated on today for a broken leg. Has been reunited with her puppies, as far as I know doing OK. Winnifred was with Mabel when they escaped after a scent and not been found yet.

I removed my post as it was only sad speculation. The body of the killed spaniel wasn't available to check that  it was / wasn't her, so I thought it better not to add to the worry

Thanks Catherine. I thought there was a post of a dog hit since Mabel was returned that might have been a Brittany but it was unknown.

I knew Mabel was home but wasn't aware she had been hit. What leg was broken and where was break? As you know Keba had broken 4 metatarsals. I'm sure the relief of having her home outweighs the angst of surgery though it will be an ordeal.

I don't know all the details, only that the leg was shattered but no other injuries. There is a red and white Irish setter group on facebook where I belong and got this info.

Has anyone got an update on Winifred? it`s been so long now. Someone must have her as it is 2 weeks tomorrow and no sightings.Just looked on the coments on the lost dog page and someone has writen bumped / bumped? is she ok / bumped anyone know what this means ?????




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