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can anyone give me some advice, Digby had his annual booster injection on Thursday, he was sick later on that night. He has also been sick tonight, he seems a little lethargic but has been eating his food.

I am going to take him to vet tomorrow but am wondering if anyone else has had a problem with this or can offer me some advice, im really worried,


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Yes she does. She has been right in there speaking to the manufacturers, and even attending seminars and recommending seminars of others who are right there in the manufacturing know.   Being a part of mercola.com she is going to be right there at the forefront, as the mission of Mercola is to educate people concerning the truth about drug companies and the things they don't really want us to understand.


The question still has to be asked, how to do you know that you are vaccinating against the correct strain, and that the immune system is actually going to retain the information longer than a couple of months maximum.  If the drug companies are admitting this is the case, which from reading the paper my friend posted on her facebook page, then there is obviously a problem.

Gone back into my vet friends facebook, but not quite far enough yet to find the paper on Lepto. Maybe tomorrow evening I will find it. if not, I will mail her for the link.  However, I came across this.  I haven't had chance to listen to it just yet, but her comments were that it was a surprisingly balanced discussion, considering who the speaker are.

"The Barking Hour debate on immunisation with Richard Allport, Andr...





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