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Hi All,

I am hoping to get some advice on jumping. My 6-month old puppy Sam goes for daily runs in the park to run off some of that famous Irish Setter energy. In order for him to get even remotely tired, he has to be off leash and run at his own speed. That's when we encounter our problem- he jumps on everyone he spots. Lately he has gotten much better about recall, but there are still those times when he's on his own planet and bolts towards the stranger to greet. I am completely aware of how bad jumping is, have tried all sorts of popular methods. So, maybe there are more seasoned Irish Setter owners out there who can lend me some wisdom. The funniest thing is that he knows not to jump on my husband and me, so we can't even train against jumping at home.

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Hi Vera

Sam is still only a baby. He is displaying excitement and joy. My 3yo English Setter, Misty occasionally places her paws on the shoulders of a human being at certain times. I do not think this is bad behaviour. I believe my 11yo English Setter, Hobson would do this if he was still physically capable. Maybe you might need to keep Sam on a leash at times when he meets another human being for training purposes only. Do not scold him. Focus on when he does the right thing and give him lots of praise. He will soon get the message. He has learned well in his home. Sam will always have times when he is on his own planet. As long as this does not cause him to be in danger, this is not a problem.

Best Wishes, Susan

Yes he is a baby and yes it is very much in the nature of any pup, let alone an Irish, to jump up. I echo Susan's advice. Try to let him run around off lead when no other people are in sight, 6 month old Irish should not be over exercised  anyway...difficult when they've got so much energy!!! Try some 'brain games', as the mental stimulation helps tire them too.

When on lead, give opportunity to meet people so you can tell him to 'sit' before a fuss is made. That's when the training can occur. Do it often and with all ages,sex,size etc. of people and in all places.

It will take time but it will happen.:)

Thank you Susan and Sue for your input and recommendations :)

I hear you, our boy Perry jumps on people too and my sons friends, its hard work, we are trying to ignore him but it doesn't work, any tips  you have learnt, please share. thanks




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