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Hello everyone,
First of all thanks for accepting me to this amazing community. I am a new setter owner and i have lots of questions :)
We have a new puppy. She is 6 months old but chews everything constantly despite having toys and being walked 2 times a day. We found her on the street one month ago and it took her some time to become comfortable. At the moment she stays in a large room with food and water while we are at work during the week. When i back home i face with a huge mess. I dont know how to stop her chewing sofas, cables ... Does anybody have a suggestion?

And obedience training.. She is doing great at home. She knows basic commands like sit, come,lay down... But when we are outside she just acts like never heard that commands before. 
And the biggest problem is when i let her free outside, she escapes. I dont now how to stop her escaping from me.Does anybody have any suggestions for an obedience training program for this?

 She is fed twice a day in the morning and then again 12 hours later. She's fed 150g of dry food at the moment and always has fresh water available. Is that too much or not enough for a puppy?

And my last question is her eyes are red sometimes.  and we are concerned about this. Vet said it is normal but i dont trust him.. :)

Thats all.Sorry for my english. Every single reply will be appreciated. 


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Welcome to the club my puppy is now 22 months and the chewy stage is gone as is the does not listen out side.  Setters are known for being stubborn so be consistent.  I found that getting excited when she listened helped a great deal.  Now we go out and she looks for me.  Mine ate like a horse chewed everything in site even with a house full of toys.  Crates do help when your not home if your ok with them.  Tv or radio is good when your not home so the pup gets used to noises to much quiet can be nerve racking.  You pup sounds like she found the perfect home.  You will also like everyone here there are so many good words of wisdom.

Mary and Bailey




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